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When is it okay to wear a large logo?

Polo shirt with big emblem
Polo shirt with big emblem

It is common to see clothes with large logos or monograms as part of our everyday look in today's society. Our streets are swamped of clothing and accessories displaying all kinds of brands. We've all seen a proliferation of Louis Vuitton bags with the LV monogram (real or fake), Polo t-shirts with an augmented version of the logo, and Guess sweaters spelling the brand in shining beads.

Designers and label houses use monograms differently depending on the intention (that's another story!). The fact is some make an effort to keep them discrete and hidden while others develop designs around them.

There is nothing wrong with buying pieces that portray the label’s logo as part of their main design. Consumers have a right to buy whatever they like. It is true though, that buying what you like not necessarily mean making the best decision. Lately, consumer's choices have echoed an inclination towards monogram-only pieces. So based on the results, a question arises: when is it okay to wear a large logo?

Some of us feel like a walking billboard when using these pieces, so we simply avoid them; others, love the logo-mania and sport them like proud brand ambassadors.

Emblems or logos are okay when displayed discretely. It is not okay when the emblem becomes the focus of the whole outfit (Like when you wear your favorite GAP sweatshirt and the logo can be identified from 5 feet away).

Here are some guidelines regarding clothes with “large” logos:

1. Never use clothing displaying big logos to work: Depending on your line of work, you may be able to pull this one off. If your office requires suits NEVER wear a logo. If you wear a uniform, avoid them. It is distracting and it defeats the purpose of the uniform. If you work in a casual atmosphere, try to avoid them. They give focus to your clothes and not your work.

2. Never use clothes with large logos on a date: It gives the wrong impression. Most men know women enjoy packing their closets with big labels, but they don’t have to be reminded on the first day.

3. Do not use monogram-pieces to elegant social events: Never use logos when going to weddings, formal dinners, graduations, proms, fundraisers, New Year’s, etc.

4. Never use clothing with big brand logos when creating a first impression: This means no logos when dressing up for a job interview, first day of work, first date (yes, again), first time meeting your boyfriend’s parents, etc.

5. Do not use clothing items with logos when working at events, even if they say you can wear whatever you want: If you are working in a fair, festival, carnival, or convention, just DON’T.

6. If you are a model, actress, or artist never go to an audition wearing something with a big logo.

7. If you are going to be photographed or going to appear on TV, do not wear large monograms.

Please take into consideration that these are all recommendations. You can do whatever you want, but if I were you, I will keep those pajama pants with the Angels’ initials for the weekend, or even better, for staying at home.

Like all style mistakes many can be avoided with the right use of accessories. If you have a certain craze for something, express it with accessories. If you must wear logos do it through your handbags, shoes, jewelry pieces and belts. Remember to keep it discrete. Wearing large logos on your shoes doesn't make it right, but it makes it more acceptable. We all love Tory Burch’s flats, so it’s okay! We understand!

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