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When is it a good idea to leave problems behind?

I'll leave my problems behind
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A person that finds themselves overwhelmed by the chaos that has become their life has to ask themselves an important question. What is their responsibility in the turmoil that they now call their life? Many people end romantic relationships, marriages, jobs, or move to a different city thinking they are leaving all their problems behind. This can be true in extreme cases, however unless the FBI has placed them in the witness protection program, because they have witnessed a mob hit, it is more likely that they have created the mess that they are now in.

People can only treat a person how they allow themselves to be treated. If a person demands to be respected in their relationships then they will be respected. If a person demands that there be transparency and open communication then they will have relationships where there is complete honesty and open dialogue.

For a person to avoid feeling like they have to take the midnight flight to a different city, there are clear steps to ensure fulfilling relationships. Step one, a person has to be able to define what they want in the relationship and be able to clearly communicate that. Step two a person has to be able to effectively communicate what behavior is not acceptable, and stick to their guns.

A lot of relationship problems exist for two reasons. Either a person is afraid to speak up for what they want because of fear, or people put up with relationships that are destructive because they fear being all alone.

Before a person disappears into the night, they should ask themselves some hard questions. They can end relationships and move every weak, but until a person deals with their own baggage they will forever find themselves in the same situations over and over again.

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