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When is daylight savings time 2014: When to spring forward (travel tips)

Intro: Wondering when is daylight savings time for 2014? It's an important question to ask yourself if you're going to be on the road this spring. Knowing when to spring forward will prevent you from missing flights, getting up late for a meeting at that work conference or any other catastrophes having to do with time while you're traveling. You'll want to write this information in your travel tips journal for future reference.

When is daylight savings time 2014: When to spring forward (travel tips)
kojotomoto Creative Commons

When Does Daylight Savings Start (2014)

Sunday, March 9th is the spring date for daylight savings time for this year. If you think you can't remember this (or other time-related travel tips), put the date in your Google Calendar account.

Set a pop up for that Sunday so you can remember to change your clocks before going to bed. That way, you'll remember when to spring forward.

If you're concerned about the fall date for daylight savings time for 2014, you set your Google calendar account to Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014. The pop up will remind you when you need to fall back.

If you've ever wondered why we have daylight savings time, watch the video at the top of the screen for the scoop.

Need more help with daylight savings time? Check out this clock that adjusts to daylight savings time automatically. Bring it along on your next road trip.

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