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When introduced by our pets

True love
True love
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Our pets have been so elevated to the role of friend, partner, beloved member of our family, so why would we celebrate Valentine’s Day for them also. How about a special treat from the local pet store or we could order something from one of the chain stores like Petsmart or Petco.
The point of this article is we are just fine with our pets being a part of our family. Much like Jonny and Joe who met while at a dog park in San Francisco. Each having been through the love, marriage and divorce game – they were not looking for another romance. The dogs however had other ideas. Boxers with a plan of their own – the pets wanted some fun with friends. As the fall progressed into winter the park more and more grew sparsely populated and the only dogs and people there were Jonny and Joe. Their boxers were so happy to see each other and would play together for the entire time they were at the park. Progressing from winter to spring, Jonny and Joe were at the park more often and getting to know each other while the pets played and enjoyed each other’s company. So it was no wonder when Joe stopped coming to the park that There was concern on both Jonny and Penny’s part (Penny being Jonny’s pet). Late in the summer part way to fall Jonny and Penny were at the park when Penny bolted to the other side of the park. Jonny was anxious to get her under control as this was so totally unlike her. Then Jonny saw the reason it was Joe with a boxer, but not Brut (Joe’s pet). When they came together, Jonny only stared at the new friend named Poncho. Joe explained that Brut had suffered a heart attack; much like human’s do, and had died instantly. Poncho was his parent’s way of getting him out of the funk he was in suffering the loss of his best friend. Penny seemed confused but happy to meet Poncho who was already to play.
This Valentine’s Day Jonny, Joe, Penny and Poncho will be spending Thursday through Sunday in a lodge in Big Sur Country. This is the continuation of a friendship and perhaps something more.
According to 2/13/2013 issue; 11% of dog owners find love through a meeting directly associated by having a pet. Only 7.5% of cat owners can say the same.