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When Infidelity Enters Your Marriage, Should You Stay Together?

You just found out that you’ve been cheated, lied and infidelity has crippled the trust that you once shared with your spouse. Should you stay together? Are you ready to forget everything for the sake of saving your relationship? A whopping 64% showed that couples choose to stay together after having that “extra” affair. Why this is happening in the first place? Will you be part of this percentage? Keep in mind that what works for them doesn’t necessarily work for you as well.

The hardest part always falls after an affair. You have two choices, leave or stay. Both require tough decisions. If you leave, your family fails; living together would mean you are ready to forgive. Fixing these issues will take time, and sometimes time is not on our side. You know yourself better than anyone else does. Yes, you have your friends and family at your side but at the end of the day, the decision still lies on you.

If you want to rebuild your relationship, you have to talk to your partner wholeheartedly. As they say, “it takes two to tango.” Your partner must be able to prove to you that it won’t be happening again. And what if these things will again? Are you willing to be in this situation all over again? If you are truly confident that your partner feels sorry about the acts committed, then by all means, rebuild the lost trust once more. Determine why the cheating took place and repair any faulty connections that might have spawned to unfaithfulness.

Parents fighting each other are devastating to children. Protect the children from infantile decisions and irresponsible behaviors. Your children have nothing to do and should not suffer from your mistakes. Children growing up in a family of constant turmoil, unhappiness and tension will never attain their full potentials. It’s hard for the kids to see their parents fighting especially if the root cause is another party. There is no excuse for such behavior and the children is better off to live in a broken home than to become a witness to unending arguments.

Don’t argue in front of your kids. If you must fight, do it somewhere else. Children are extremely vulnerable psychologically, physically and emotionally. This will change them forever and will affect their personalities later. Your responsibility to help your children see the best of the world is not going to happen if things are going in this direction. If infidelity problems seem out of control, you might want to rethink to save not only yourself but your children’s future as well.

Sometime in our lives, we need to make difficult but crucial decisions. These decisions would break our hearts, but, at the same time, save the others from unnecessary troubles. If you think that staying together is already an issue, consider using your intellect instead of your feelings this time.

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