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When Home doesn't feel like home

Homeless residents meeting about housing options
Homeless residents meeting about housing options
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

There has been a lot of developing and changes that somehow connect to this city many call home. However the biggest change is the fact that developers and real estate moguls and anyone that is interested in a piece of DC is current and waiting for the next possible game changer. People that are simply living out their days here are in awe of what has happened to their home to their city of birth. What many of DC residents try to get their heads around is what has exactly transpired in the last 15-20 years? How do strangers come into the homes and hearths of where you are born and as an after thought perhaps you may be invited to the ANC meeting that results in you being told that the school that three generations of your family went to is being sold or even the church where your sister was married in and you buried basically all of your ancestors at is being turned into upscale condos. How's that? Well it's called being pulled into the popular upstream of society ,we are being done over,urbanized any of the myriad power quotes that people throw at you to make you either relax or just accept that you have been disenfranchised,moved out,brought out,over voted by a majority of strangers? People no matter what the method it doesn't feel good and then the most insulting factor is the same people don't speak to you unless you are affiliated with them or the status quo. There have been many discussions of lately about how to get Washington back to a mixed community of individuals instead of just people that live in two fractions Haves and Don't Have. Many residents that live in the trendier sections of DC have the gated community style whereas they don't have to see a homeless person every day or even smell someone that looks homeless. If you have to utilize public transportation there are police set up everywhere to assist you if anything happens so thats not a particular setback during your daily task of going to work and then home.What people want to see is that we are a city that everyone if not affable can at least talk about the everyday problems that looms over us daily. In Ferguson Mo. no one imagined the amount of devastation and unrest would come from a shooting that was at first sight seen from a different prospective and then turned into a nightmare. People need to be aware that when there are issues of frustration unmet needs and hopelessness are present they can be fairly ignited with just a small spark. As a community support worker I view these feelings quite often when residents are feeling as though the world passes over them and they are divided into Haves and Have nots. DC is a Capital City that many world leaders look to to save their countries from devastation ,turmoil and strife we should always remember that charity begins within our own city limits and needs to be addressed. If DC is indeed a Capital City we should address some of our own issues first at home with affordable housing for our residents..