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When Hiring Managers post jobs on LinkedIn you are informed which connections you have in common

LinkedIn is becoming, if not already, the #1 resource for hiring companies in MN and the world
LinkedIn is becoming, if not already, the #1 resource for hiring companies in MN and the world
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Eureka!  Job seekers rejoice!

Now, more than ever, LinkedIn has made the #1 way to find a job (via networking) even more seamless.  Now that LinkedIn has become the hottest (and can I say FREE) place to post a job, Hiring Managers across the Twin Cities and beyond are using it to find their best candidates. 

Jobs posted on LinkedIn appear in all major searches.  I recommend setting up daily notifications via and via LInkedIn, too.

Join Groups in your profession and get daily notifications from their job board.  How do you find good groups to follow?  Look at your connections' groups and select ones that fit your professional goals. 


- You get notified via e-mail of jobs posted via an custom search

- One of the jobs, let's say it is "Electrical Engineer at ABC Company" looks interesting - you click on the link

- The link takes you to a LinkedIn post with further information about the job

- On the right hand side, there is a list of people the Hiring Manager knows who are also CONNECTED to you!

- The interface is already set up to ask your connection for an introduction to the hiring manager

- The tool also lists people who WORK at the company, who are in networks or groups you belong to as well...

Wow...this isn't complicated - this is magical.  It's your job to be out there.  If you need more reasons, here are a few more:

Well over half of Twin Cities Employers use LinkedIn for hiring needs (StarTribune, 2/2010).  Recruiters/Staffing firms - it's gotta be close to 100% (my thoughts  - not official)

Word to the Wise:
I am not saying you should plaster your resume everywhere and demand Introductions.  Be active on Groups - post articles and answer questions others post in the Groups.  In your profile, have samples of your work and let people know you're open to opportunity.  Be selective in your proactive approaches with Hiring Managers.  Be a friend, a mentor, a scholar or just a supportive presence on LinkedIn - it will go a long way!

How to be an effective for job seeker on LinkedIn:


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