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When He Speaks helps Christians hear God’s voice

"When He Speaks” by Eric McCracken explores the roots and foundations of the Christian faith.
Eric McCracken

“When He Speaks” by Eric McCracken explores the roots and foundations of the Christian faith and how to hear God’s voice every day, all day. The author uses personal experiences to set an example of walking with God for each reader. “When He Speaks” is a book for Christians of all ages, young or old, new to Christ or set firmly in His path.

Eric McCracken is an Evangelist at River of Life Ministries in Ohio. Growing up with God, Eric has learned to trust and rely on God for all things.

“I believe that speaking with God should be a practice for a lifetime, not just when I’m ready to listen or need something that only God can provide for,” he says.

Eric is a born again, spirit-filled Christian currently pursuing a degree in Biblical Theology. He also has a wide knowledge of foreign languages including Biblical Hebrew, French, Spanish and American Sign Language.

“It is important to keep your eyes and ears open to God,” the author suggests. “Allow Him to speak to you through the writing, and He will illuminate in your mind the things which are important to you and to your spirituality. God desires to speak to all of His Children, not just some of us. I find that as we enter in to a relationship with Christ, this essential part if often left out, and can leave the young Christian confused and searching for clarity. This book was written to give this clarity and prayerfully remove the confusion so that each believer can speak and listen to God.”

“When He Speaks” has received five-star ratings from Christian readers of all ages.

“This book brought me back to the very foundation of my faith. The author reinforced the concept that in our journey of faith we must stand back and listen to what God is saying to us in order to build a strong relationship with Him” by Larry.

“I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to have a concise path to learning to listen to God's voice” by Cindi.

“I believe this book is a Word for ALL of God's children and the Holy Spirit has spoken it in a way that we can ALL understand and receive the truth and the importance of Waiting, Listening, Hearing, and Obeying "When He Speaks" by Pastor Rita.

“He writes with a lively voice that shows his zeal for the Lord, and his ease of communication with his brothers and sisters, as well as the Lord. I pray I will one day be as faithful as him, and this book has truly been instrumental in my faith journey” by Brittany.

“When He Speaks” is available for purchase on for $9.00 (USD). ISBN-10: 1494485400 ISBN-13: 978-1494485405

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