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When gray rears its ugly roots run to Nelson j's Color Touch Up Bar

My husband just noticed the gray cropping up on the top of my head and just two days before leaving on a Princess Cruise. OMG what to do besides run out buy a hair coloring product or, better yet, call Nelson J Salon in Beverly Hills for a 15-minute touch up appointment at Color Touch Up Bar—which is exactly what your savvy beauty Examiner did.

Nelson j gets the gray out
Nelson j Salon

I’ll let you know how it worked out, but before I go over I re-read an article that I wrote on the service and it really sounds like the best ‘root’ to take, and it’s only $49.

Celebrity hairstylist and “root specialist” Nelson Chan, founder of the Nelson j Salon in Beverly Hills, introduced his Color Touch Up Bar a few months ago that provides clients with effective and affordable solutions for covering pesky “grays” and “roots” on a regular basis. Chan, a master colorist who has been coloring hair for over 15 years, and recently did yours truly, sees grey hair as the number one concern of women over 40, and “roots” as the premier concern of women who color their hair. You got that right Nelson.

“After grey hair is colored, it usually starts to grow out in 2-3 weeks time (yup about the right duration for me), which means that women (and men) have to quickly come back into the salon to retouch their root area, which can add up in terms of time and monthly expense,” explains Chan, who regularly comes to the rescue of women and men with visible “root” problems and has become widely known as a “root specialist.” “The same problem occurs with ‘roots’ or re-growth, which is usually darker hair that is visible only at the root area. That’s why Nelson j Salon developed simple, affordable, and quick color touch up systems for this specific area, which takes only 15 minutes. The first service--Base Color Retouch--retails for $49.00 but does not include a blow out.

Base Color Retouch, a creative solution for covering the unsightly grey roots and lightening dark re-growth, involves applying a tint of Aveda professional haircolor to the scalp to cover up to 1 inch of hair re-growth, and then using a special heat lamp from Japan to reduce the processing time from 30 to 15 minutes. “This new Base Color Retouch Service excludes highlights, it’s only a base color application,” states Chan. “It’s best suited for clients who usually have single process haircoloring.”

A different solution for lightening the re-growth of dark hair is the Partial Sun-Kissed Highlight ($49.00). While the normal Highlight service requires 45 minutes and up to 40 foils, the Nelson j Salon reduces the process time to 15 minutes and the number of foils to 15 pieces, which are applied to the re-growth area to reduce the dark, “rooty” look and makes the hair appear lighter, more blended, and natural. This abbreviated service does not include a blow out.

Nelson j Salon also offers the gamut of hair services such as color, cut, conditioning, straightening, massage, and manicure/pedicure services.

The salon is located in an alley just off 350 N. Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills. For more information call 310-274-1553 or visit

Okay got to run, back later sans gray.

By the way, if you prefer to DIY the video we so kindly found for you tells you how to do it at home, but if you can, go to the salon, it's still the best choice.

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