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When good friendships go bad, if they were ever good to begin with

The term frenemy has been tossed around a lot in pop culture during recent years. Do you think that frenemies are exclusive to celebutantes? Think again.

Have you ever had friends who consistently stood you up, talked behind your back, undermined your self-esteem, gave you the silent treatment, only called you when they needed something and refused to ever help you in return, willfully withheld support and understanding, loathed your successes, relished in your failures, blamed you for their mistakes, gave you bad advice out of jealousy, lied to you, stole from you, or manipulated you? Have you ever had a friendship where you felt like you were the only one invested in cultivating the relationship; as in, you were the only one initiating communication? If you answered yes to any of these, then you might have had toxic friends. In her novel, "When Friendship Hurts", Jan Yager describes how to recognize and cope with toxic friendships; as well as how to find rewarding ones.

According to Yager, there are twenty-one types of toxic friends. Their behavior ranges from hurting their victims in subtle to more obvious ways. Her book will help you identify any red-flags. If you feel that a relationship is not an equal partnership, or you feel drained after spending time with a certain friend; the friendship might be toxic. A toxic friendship will drag you down. Nothing is worse than wasting time and energy on someone whom isn't deserving. Toxic friendships are draining, while good friendships are rewarding.

It is usually so very difficult to remove ourselves from bad friendships. If you have any doubts about your friendships, please refer to this book. Hopefully it will help you sort out the good eggs and give you the courage and closure you need to walk away from the bad ones.


  • Nicolette 5 years ago

    This sounds interesting. Also nice to hear an honest opinion on New Moon. Nicolette- Fort Lauderdale Ethnic Foods Examiner

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