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When good accidents happen

We all complain, of course, when something bad occurs in our lives such as injuries. No one (other than We all complain, of course, when something bad occurs in our lives such as injuries. No one (other than masochists) enjoys pain, and when an accident incapacitates you or causes recurring or continuing discomfort it can reach the point of disability. Short of being maimed permanently or even dying, this type of situation can disrupt life.

What about the opposite condition, when an accident brings about in improvement in your previous condition rather than how things usually happen? Serendipity is defined, generally, as fortunate accidents, such as the act of finding money while walking down a street. Small potatoes in this case, one might think; but when a whopper of a serendipitous occurrence hits you out of the clear blue, like being knocked out of the way of a speeding train by someone who rear-ends your car which stalled on the track, you have to acknowledge it as being a terrific blessing.

Such good calamities may come along in the area of health matters as well. Newspapers publish accounts occasionally of a person who had been deaf or blind for decades, who experiences a blow to the head and suddenly regains the lost faculty. How does science explain such an action? Usually with a lot of mumbo-jumbo that tends to add up to “Hey, who knows?”

Chiropractic medicine adds more substance to the explanation of beneficial injuries. When the spine is out of alignment, as anyone suffering from back or neck pain will testify, pain results. The victim of such a warping of the spine will often also have various problems with balance, walking, standing, even other non-mobility related functions such as breathing, bladder or bowel control. With the nerves being connected from the spine to other organs and limbs of the body, any time undue pressure is placed on a nerve, it will malfunction. Think of it like a hose when you step on it—will the water flow freely? The same thing will be true of anything connected to the spine which is not in its proper position—it can’t perform as designed to. Another example is a car’s wheels, out of alignment—the vehicle won’t travel in a straight direction, the tires will wear unevenly, other systems will be under more stress due to being forced to move unnaturally.

So when some force comes along and hits the body in just the right place, at the right time, it could easily affect a part that is not performing as it should by adjusting it against the odds. A chiropractor would, when working on a patient, make an adjustment by use of “cracking” the neck, or by special tables designed to realign the spine. Sometimes, however, nature or other situations line up in a certain way randomly to take over this task.

Consider also the way hydrotherapy operates, such as therapeutic whirlpools, water massage, pool therapy. The ease of moving in water helps the patient exercise, but there is more to this. Even while motionless the water itself has the energy necessary to act upon the body. We’ve all seen how water moves objects in its path, whether during a flood, or when utilized in a mill. It can even be used to generate electricity, it’s so powerful in motion. Similarly, a sudden blast of water can provide the stimulus needed to manipulate body parts into motion or position.

Other forms of motion, especially sudden and strong, are able to promote healing. Rather than the torsion of a limb or the spine for injury, such actions can occasionally be useful in repairing joints or other areas. Think of dislocations, when put back in place, using a swift (yet painful, certainly) movement by a physician. In cases where sheer luck comes in, an unexpected twist such as experienced in a theme park ride, or while snowboarding, for example, might be what is needed to get a neck or back in its rightful place once again.

Don’t count on such things happening, though; check out a good chiropractor’s services to realign whatever may be out of place. Unfortunately for Californians, they are not currently covered by insurance, but you never know—something lucky might come along and enable you to make such a visit. Otherwise, saving up for such treatment isn’t a matter of luck, it can be a necessity. The luck, once you do pay a visit to a chiropractor, is about how you’ll feel once you’re fully functioning again.

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