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When God doesn't make sense

A boy died recently being stabbed by another in a park in Latham. Those that knew him considered him a good person.

Those who are questioning wonder why horrible things happen to such good people and that it isn't fair. The truth is, we cannot know how much time we have to live in this world. Life is not guaranteed and we are so fragile.

We cannot control the evil actions of others, nor can control the madness of circumstances. We can only live our life to the best of our ability. And when our time is up, that's it.

But where is God during this?

Those that question God need to know Him and His nature. God is not a passive Being just creating worlds, then floating in space for eternity waiting for something else to do. He is active. He is involved in all our lives. It is a matter of whether or not we accept his calling. The rain falls on the righteous as much as the unrighteous.

Some live their lives devoid of God, blaspheming, mocking, and living outside His righteousness. But when tragedy hits, they question where He went. God is still in the same place.

While God is sovereign, He doesn't stop every evil action because He created man with the ability of free will. Unfortunately mankind has used that free will against the ordinances of God and has violated what God intended. This put sin into the world. We are all now vulnerable to it.

If God were to stop all the consequences of evil He would have to do discontinue free will. Or else He would have to suspend any consequence of sin, which would only make things worse. If He were to eliminate physical pain, we would hurt others emotionally. He would have to suspend all consequences of sin, including death. Then we would really be in trouble if no one ever died or learned the ultimate consequence of evil.

So here we are in Albany still vulnerable to the sin of others; fragile of the evil actions that those not having self control inflict on others. We have to ask if we are trusting in God. Are we leaning on Him for understanding? Are we putting our faith in Him and adhering to Him to the point of our breath of life?

We may be fragile, we may be weak, but we can be strong. Not in surviving the act of others and their sin, but in getting through it by trusting in God; having the knowledge of Him, leaning on His understanding, and applying what we learn to our relationship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ. God is a personal God and desires us to know Him personally.

That is the ultimate survival plan for here and the life beyond. This life is the learning place to know God and a relationship with Him for eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.


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