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When friendships expire

Expired Friendships
Expired Friendships

On the journey of life, you will encounter many people, developing relationships where connections are made and commonalities become unearthed through frequent encounters.

Nevertheless, what happens when those connections and commonalities that sealed your friendship status fail to matter to one or both parties?

Women tend to become fond of other women. After all, women are said to be the emotional, touchy feely befriending beings. With women, friendships bloom on the grounds of "girl talk" and endearing comfort levels sustain the relationship.

But mutual fondness, for many women, decreases in strength at some point in time for different reasons.

"I was the only married woman in my circle," Trinity, a local hairdresser remembered. "I gradually became disinterested in the women in my circle. I got to where I did not call as often and maintaining communication with them no longer was a priority as it once had been."

When women find themselves in the company of others who are at different stages in their lives, for instance, being the only married woman in a group of single women, the commonalities and connections that once made being a part of the group so important no longer compel them to the group.

Distancing becomes the beginning of the alienation that will soon follow. In 2 Corinthians, chapter 6, the apostle Paul speaks on being unequally yoked with unbelievers. But people should consider that scripture from other angles.

What can a married woman learn from keeping company with single women? How can a married man grow in God if he keeps company with other married men who do not value fidelity?

Friendships are valuable relationships that can shelter people in the roughest storms of life, but when those relationships expire, serving no purpose in your maturity as a person of God, pray for God to lead you to relationships that will support his purpose for your life.   


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