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When Exchange online goes dark: turn REVLY on

Does yesterday's massive Microsoft Exchange email outage have you wondering about an alternative to Microsoft's Hosted Exchange services? If so, you might want to consider REVLY, a New Orleans based company that is known for its excellent customer service and software. REVLY delivers premium solutions for communications, file sharing, and more.

As of mid-day Tuesday, Microsoft seemed to have few answers for customers. The company declined comment on the source of the outage.

For those evaluating hosted email services, having a full service provider that communicates with customers is critical. Email is still the dominant form of business communications. Yesterday's failure of Hosted Exchange took place on heals of an extensive Microsoft Lync outage two days ago. Frustrated users took to twitter to voice their concerns:

Michael Groh tweeted: Microsoft Exchange is down meaning no email in or out. I just printed out an email and walked it over to someone. #stoneage #outlookproblems

Adam Zaines tweeted: Microsoft, have you tried turning it off and on again? #Office365 outage

Dave Ryder MBA tweeted:
@MSFTExchange Still service interruption in Arizona. Putting me out of biz... Any news?

Hosted email services have grown in recent years. But cloud email services are not magical. Delivery of solid services requires the right software, networking, and staffing. And more importantly, cloud providers need to be forthcoming and accessible when their are issues. REVLY offer businesses the opportunity to receive premium hosted services and a help desk. For those with existing IT support staff, REVLY also provides companies the opportunity to easily install, configure, and manage their own premium email messaging server.

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