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When evil comes knocking on our door

Wheat ©CreationSwap/Colette Varanouskas

It usually comes at inopportune times, the knock on the door that reveals two strangers. For some reason they always travel in pairs. They’re here to tell you about a religious organization. Clutched in their hands is literature filled with half-truths liberally sprinkled with Bible verses quoted out of context. A believer’s first response may be to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The word often associated with what they represent is “cult.”

One such group has showed up in central Florida wanting to know if you believe in God the mother. The very statement strikes at the deity of our triune God. Yet the group has a large following around the world. Are these zealous proselytes the incarnation of evil itself? Probably not. Are they deceived? Absolutely – usually by a false prophet with a Messiah complex. Remember Jim Jones who led over 900 people to their deaths. Also, Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols brother died in a mass religious suicide.

However, their enthusiasm for believing in, and spreading, falsehoods that strike at the heart of our faith bring to mind another zealous individual. Saul of Tarsus’ enthusiasm for destroying the new cult called Christianity is legendary. New believers trembled in fear at the thought of him coming to their village. Jesus saw Saul’s behavior in a different light. Saul loved God and wanted to defend his faith. Once the truth was revealed to him, the Apostle Paul used that same enthusiasm to reach the world for Jesus.

It may be a leap of faith, but perhaps those who come to our doors are potential leaders with a destiny and a purpose in the body of Christ. After all, they’re out knocking on doors. They have the conviction to share their beliefs, however misguided. The question becomes, what is a believers best response when they show up?

The enemy of our souls will always try picking off potential leaders before they can come into the knowledge of the truth. When Peter was struggling with his faith, Jesus told him that Satan wanted to sift him like wheat, but He had prayed for him. This is an example of how we can also respond.

First, trying to convince them of the truth could be an exercise in futility. For now the lie is firmly entrenched in their minds. Getting them to see reality might take a lightning bolt like the one Jesus had to use on Saul. However, one can gently advise them that they are deceived. Also, tell them you’ll pray for them to receive a revelation of God’s truth. At this point they may continue trying to convince you of their position, but resist being drawn into an endless debate.

The gentleness and love of God leads people to repentance. When evil knocks on our doors, we can see it as an opportunity to demonstrate His love.

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