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When Does the Fruits of Your Labor Turns into Rotten Fruit?

When Does the Fruits of Your Labor Turns into Rotten Fruit?
When Does the Fruits of Your Labor Turns into Rotten Fruit?

We work so hard to accomplish the things we want in life from work, family and love. But when is that hard work in vain? When it is not appreciated and reciprocated, especially in relationships. We try so hard to please our mates and sometimes to our own detriment. It’s to our own detriment when only one person is putting in all of the work to keep the relationship alive.

We have to learn to read the signs when it comes to our relationships. There are several signs that can let you know that your relationship is over or on the verge of being over.

• When your communication has dwindled down to one text every other day when you use to talk two to three times daily. This is a pure sign that the priorities of the relationship has changed and the communication issue should be addressed immediately.
• When there is no talk about your future “together” anymore. If this is a topic that used to come up quite frequently but is now never discussed or he/she gets frustrated when you try to approach the subject, this is a clear sign that there’s probably no future “together”.
• When you see changes and ignore them. Listen to your gut and trust your eyes. If things look like they are changing there probably are changing. Read the signs and address them. After all a closed mouth doesn’t get fed.
• When the things you used to love about your mate drives you up the wall now! When he/she is no longer that person you fell in love with. When every little thing that they do annoys you. When you can no longer recognize him/her and you’re constantly asking them “Who are you, I don’t recognize you anymore?”
• When all the trust is gone. When you can’t trust your mate even when they’re standing right in front of your face. This is a major sign and usually the first sign that the relationship is over.

We usually ignore these signs because we don’t want to believe them and are too afraid to address them because if we do then it becomes our reality. Breaking up is hard to do. No one likes it when their relationship fails, especially after you have invested so much time, effort and energy to make it work. But my advice is, if you have exhausted all the possibilities to make it work and it still isn’t working then it’s time to say your goodbyes and walk away. Because at the end of the day only a fool will continue to do the same thing and expect a different result.

I’m just saying..

C Double R

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