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When does a relationship go from 'like to love?'

When does a relationship go from 'Like to Love?'
When does a relationship go from 'Like to Love?'

There is no secret recipe to mixing together a successful relationship. Often, couples begin dating without truly understanding each others expectations. Sure, spontaneity can lead to fun and adventure, but it’s equally important to communicate and make sure that the relationship is going in a healthy direction.

There’s always the question of “where are we going from here?” A simple question to some; however, it can provoke anxiety and doubt for others. Many couples struggle with knowing the right time to seek answers from a partner regarding the next phase. In fact, 48 percent of women agreed that it was extremely important to have a conversation about exclusivity within one month of the relationship (Harris poll on behalf of Merck).

Although men and women might seek the same type of commitment in a relationship, they tend to have different ideas regarding what makes it ideal. Through a Merck survey, it was learned that most women ponder the question: how does one know when a relationship goes from “like to love?”

Shockingly, nearly a third of women, about 28 percent say that exchanging house keys helped them to better determine they were officially in a relationship. Merck recently survey 452 women ages 18 to 44 to uncover what they really think about the early stages of their relationships. The survey found that, 78 percent of women agreed that it is extremely or very important to have a conversation about using hormonal birth control in place of, or in addition to condoms, by the nine month mark in a relationship.

The dialogue of “like to love” helps facilitate an honest conversation. As the relationship progresses, women can find comfort in seeking further clarity and discussing with their healthcare provider about contraceptive options, including ones that they don’t have to take every day.

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