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When do you need to send a baby gift?

Personalized Baby  towel from 3 Marthas
Personalized Baby towel from 3 Marthas

When a baby is born there is no mandatory requirement to send a gift. Society requires that we send gifts when we are invited to a wedding , a shower or any celebration party unless there is a specific mention there there are to be " no gifts please". But no one is every invited to a baby's birth and when a birth announcement is sent out, there is never a line that says " no gift please". If you are family or a very close friend you may be invited to a baby shower or a naming, Christening or Bris for the baby, but if you aren't invited to a party and receive a birth announcement, do you still send a gift? Or if a co-worker has a baby or a friend has a new grand child and you don't get a birth announcement , do you still send a gift? This is a very delicate question.

After some soul searching you have to make a decision.

1. A baby's birth is a reason to celebrate. If you want to be part of the celebration, send a gift. If you want your gift to really stand out and make an impression send a baby gift that is personalized. For an extra special gift, you can send a beautifully wrapped gift basket of essential baby stuff from

2. If you want to show the parent or relative that you really care about them, send a baby gift. Don't just pick out any thing but find out what the baby needs and add baby's name or monogram to give it special meaning.

3. If you don't send a gift and would be embarrassed every time you see the relative of the new baby and they discuss the baby, send a gift. Give your gift extra value by personalizing it and you will be remembered for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

If the answer to all of these questions is no or you will never run into the relatives of the baby, you are under no obligation to send a gift. You might want to send a card congratulating them on the new baby and wish them well.

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