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When did Congress pass the 'Dictatorial Powers Act?'

Barack Obama tells French President Francois Hollande, "I can do whatever I want."
Barack Obama tells French President Francois Hollande, "I can do whatever I want."
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

The President of the United States is now operating as a dictator. Since encountering insurmountable problems with the Obamacare law, Barack Obama has been busy rewriting it in spite of the fact that he does not have the power or authority by the Constitution or any known law to do so.

Surely there must be something we missed. Was the Constitution amended to grant a president legislative authority? Is he now specifically granted the power to write laws? Did Congress pass a new law called the "Dictatorial Powers Act of 2014" whereby they share their legislative authority with the executive branch?

They must have done so. After all, a president is forbidden from engaging in the writing or rewriting of laws on a whim. He is barred from doing so by the Constitutional concept of separation of powers. The chief executive is granted certain enumerated powers specified by the Constitution. Writing or rewriting laws isn't one of them. That power is reserved exclusively for the legislative branch -- Congress.

Congress would not allow a president to usurp their power to write or rewrite laws. Or would they?

Well, yes they would. At least this Congress would, given that the president's Party controls the Senate, and thus, the Republican controlled House is hamstrung by a president who is drunk with power and a sympathetic Democrat-controlled Senate that allows him to get away with an entire litany of illegal acts.

It is illegal, thus, for a president to write or rewrite laws passed by Congress. And it logically follows that the Senate is acting illegally by allowing the president to get away with it.

According to the Constitution and every known written statute in U.S. law, as codified by the U.S. Code, only Congress can write laws. Only Congress can amend laws that are already written.

So, what is the president doing rewriting huge sections of the Obamacare law, a law that was written and passed by Congress?

For the record, the rhetorical question asked above has an obvious answer. Congress has not passed any "Dictatorial Powers Act" that grants a president the authority to write or rewrite laws. But Obama is acting as though it did. Why?

The answer is simple. He is taking the advice of extremist collectivist subversives such as George Soros, John Podesta, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, and a host of others who have encouraged him to ignore Congress and act "unilaterally" to get his agenda shoved through.

In other words, these collectivist henchmen of the Progressive Movement want the president to exercise dictatorial powers, to act in ways that are not allowed by the Constitution or the law, and to operate in a manner that is consistent with other dictators around the world in the tradition of Stalin, Chairman Mao, Castro, and even Hitler.

None of these monsters needed a legislative body at all except to rubber stamp their plans. Whatever the Fuhrer at the top wanted or decreed, he got without question. He had absolute power.

Thus, when Obama rewrites law according to his own desires and whims, and devises schemes that allow him to go around Congress and pass measures into law by executive fiat, he is acting as a dictator with absolute power who has no need whatsoever for the legislative branch of government.

This makes every single thing he has done to the Obamacare law since October of 2013 illegal. Every bit of it. And the fact that the Senate does nothing to stop it means they are accomplices to the illegal actions of a dictator. All of this should be remembered in November and in 2016.


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