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When children learn to give

What a wonderful day
What a wonderful day

The school is in a low income neighborhood in Las Vegas. The school wanted to share the joy of giving with their students. They collected cans for recycling and decided to donate the money they received to a local program. The children voted on the selection so they were very involved with the process.

The very grateful recipient of this gift was the Love Dog animal therapy program.

It was our privilege to visit the school to receive the check and to share our stories with the children. They met Dash, Benny and Petey and learned about therapy dogs and what we do in the community.

The children had all prepared questions for us and had such a good time getting to know the dogs. They were particularly interested in learning how we teach the dogs to be so calm and nice.

We shared lots of tips with the children and they in turn shared their lives with us.

The assistant principal presented the very generous check and we told them it would help us purchase more books for our reading programs with special children.

The children all thought that was an excellent idea.

They then learned how to greet a new dog safely and got to meet the Love Dogs.

We explained that we are all volunteers and that the dogs love to work.

Those who have less always give the most and the children just beamed with pride as we thanked them for their very important gift.

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