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When chemtrails spoiled a nice evening

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I wouldn't spend a second on the subject of chemtrails if it weren't for having dinner with a good looking acquaintance who believed in it. I told her it was nonsense and she became indignant. This isn't new, usually I experience this after the third scotch but I was perfectly lucid this time and well behaved, the other difference is I didn't get a glass of water thrown in my face. So I call it progress.

You may not know what chemtrails are and the reason for it is that it doesn't exist. What it's supposed to be is an international conspiracy where "elites" have devised a plan to control people by spraying them with chemicals dumped from airplanes big and small. What they do observe is contrails which is water vapor created by heat friction due to the wings of an airplane. One false claim is that contrails don't last a long time and chemtrails do ergo an international conspiracy.

Contrails don't have a set time when they disappear, it all depends on atmospheric pressure. But this is one of many details that makes the chemtrail argument fall apart.

This is typical of literature you see on the web concerning the subject:

I receive eyewitness chemtrail density reports from people all over the world, and one of the most interesting observations people have made is this:

When a large global meeting takes place, such as a "G8" or "G12", the spraying virtually stops in that area a few days before the meeting. Then, a few days after the meeting is over, "normal" spraying resumes.

Is it possible that they reduce or cease spraying in areas where high-level "officials" are meeting? Absolutely!

In the future, don't be surprised if this trend does not continue. Do not be surprised if you see spraying continue in areas where these high-level meetings take place.

These people are experts at disinformation, so it would be simple enough to equip a small fleet of jets with the ability to emit harmless trails by injecting large amounts of water into the engines and then emit water vapor trails during these meeting. Of course, they would do this to convince skeptics that chemtrails are harmless contrails by posing this question: "Why would they spray themselves?"

We must not be so naive, and we must not underestimate their cunning, their determination, and their access to tremendous resources.

"They" inject large amounts of water into the engines. Right. Jet fuel mixed with water, that should work. Not!

This comes from My Chemtrail Story and my Chemtrail Observations written by Russ Tanner. There is nothing notable about this particular site. Like all others it provides shoddy evidence that's easy to take apart but the most striking feature of it all is that people actually believe it and it isn't a small number who do.

So if you're one of these people you have to answer these simple questions which all but makes the issue ridiculous: 1. it would take thousands of people to conduct such an operation, you mean to say they all are able to keep it a secret? That's impossible, but I give you chance to explain it. 2. who are the "elites" and how is it that they are so super secret yet you are able to be in on what they are up to? 3. what are the chemicals and how do these substances work in controlling people? 4. control people to do what, or not to do what? 5. What are you doing Friday night (not for the guys)?

The trick of the chemtrail hucksters (top of the chemtrail food train, they don't believe in any of it but are able to create a market of believers, why? because it's a market, or to be more accurate, a racket) is to provide a lot of "evidence" regardless if it's any good or not. They also explain away natural phenomenon with false physical rules such as 'contrails only last a few minutes' or 'buildings don't collapse like that'. It also helps to prop up "experts" in "the field" and proof is always "documented", "documented proof", 'don't believe me, it's all documented, look for yourself'.

Chemtrails believers also are divided politically. Lefty chemtrailians believe the elites are big corporations specifically Monsanto. For Right chemtrailains it's all conducted by "world leaders" and there's middle of the road people who think it's coordinated by both. It's more important to be the little guy who has uncovered something big and sinister in high places than to think about the rationale of whether anything is happening or not. In this sense chemtrails are just a device that feeds into this temptation. Tapping into it can become lucrative or at least get a lot of readers on your "cool site".



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