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When cats go wild: Family forced to call 911 after kitty holds them hostage

Cats can certainly be funny little creatures, and sometimes even kind of mean. However, one particular cat in Portland, Ore. turned out to be his owner’s worst nightmare. According to KGW on March 10, 911 had to be called as the family, and even their dog, hid in the bedroom afraid to face the feline.

Kitty terrorizes family/Not the cat from the story.
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason/Wikimedia Free Commons

It all started when the 22 lb. black and white Himalayan named Lux ended up scratching the couple’s seven-month-old baby after he pulled the cat’s tail. His dad, Lee Palmer, told the operator that he kicked the cat’s butt to get him away from the child. This is when things got a little crazy and he said that the cute kitty went over the edge.

Palmer started out by telling the operator, “I have a particular emergency here.” After explaining the situation, that the cat won’t let them out of the bedroom and was charging them every time they opened the door, there might have been a few snickers heard in the background. It might have been humorous to most people but for the family, it was a bit terrifying. Officers arrived and used a dog snare to nab the furry suspect into a cage.

The cat has a history of bad behavior and the family says that they still love the bad kitty anyway. As for this weird piece of news that everyone seems to find quite comical, the baby’s mom, Teresa Barker, made a statement about it.

"It's only funny when it's not happening to you," she told Fox 12 News. "When this happens to you, I assure you, you will do the same thing."

Palmer might get some flak for kicking the cat as he did. He wrote a post on his Facebook page to explain it all. He said that they decided to keep Lux even though they could have given the cat to animal control. He said that he cares about his family, and the animals as well.

The dad finished by admitting that he did kick the cat away from his son, but he is pretty sure that most would do the same.

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