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When care giving meets the digital age

Do we have to give up privacy in our own home just because we are getting older? This column is dedicated to not only addressing caregiving issues and resources, also bringing new resources into the public eye. There are many ways to address the caregiving niche in our life. A new one for many of us was address on recently. While definitely a hands off and eyes on approach it is not that new. The most recent one now on Facebook is

For several years companies have tried to put together a package of home monitoring while still meeting the privacy laws in this country. So far, it seems a senior or elder will have to sign ways their right to privacy and freedom of speech if they wish to have this type of in home care. That of course is not mentioned in the Facebook Ad however is glossed over further into the specifics about the product.

While trying to juggle multiple families, sandwiched between our children and our parents, let’s take a step back and truly think about this situation. Do we really want these types of personal invasions, just because we (or our parents) are older and need some physical oversight? There are other ways to address this issue. And let's take a lesson from some of the most recent advice for web users: Once on the web it is there forever. If the problem is you don't know what is on the market for caregiving needs, look to, check with Adult Protective Services in your area, and research carefully.
And when researching keep not only privacy laws in the forethought but also the precedent this will set for elders and seniors in coming years. Of course this will mean us and is this bed we wish to be in.

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