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When can a teacher legally shoot a student?

Katie Terhune of the Associated Press (AP) wrote an article on Mar. 12, 2014 Idaho governor signs campus gun bill into law. Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter (R) signed a bill into law that allows retired police officers and licensed concealed carry permit holders to take guns onto Idaho universities’ campuses. The exceptions are for stadiums and for dormitories.

Protest against gun control
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A lack of faith is a religious issue. The gun control issue centers on fear by gun owners that they cannot trust the 2nd amendment to the Constitution allowing gun ownership to be honored.

Members of non-traditional religions include a huge diversity of beliefs that are supposed to be protected from government intervention. As seen on Duck Dynasty, there are many fundamentalist Christians that are against gun control and for concealed carry laws. Spiritualists are more likely to pray for the wisdom of global leaders and human beings to stop killing each other.

The lack of trust in the federal government has led to laws like those signed by Gov. Otter. Students that support the campus bill for concealed carry justify this by wanting to be able to react to a gunman in the classroom instead of cowering on the floor waiting to see if they are going to be shot. The bill in Idaho was actively opposed by university students, presidents and trustees. The bill was signed over their objections.

There is absolute certainty that the number of people killed by permit holders of concealed weapons will exceed the number saved when a permit holder shoots an assailant in a school or university. It is wise that guns will be banned in athletic events and in dormitories in Idaho. It is also fortunate that weapons are banned at the Horseshoe when Ohio State plays Michigan.

In Ohio, a concealed carry permit holder can carry a gun into any business unless the holder is intoxicated or there is a sign on the door prohibiting guns in the establishment.

Ohio House Bill 231 is currently in the judiciary committee that would ban many current restrictions where guns can be carried by concealed permit holders. This will extend to churches, day care facilities and many other establishments.

“To amend sections 2923.12, 2923.122, 2923.126, and 2923.16 of the Revised Code to extend to handguns affirmative defenses to a charge of carrying a concealed weapon or having or transporting a firearm in a motor vehicle, to modify the prohibition against carrying a concealed handgun onto institutions of higher education, places of worship, day-care facilities, aircraft, certain government facilities, public areas of airport terminals and police stations, and school safety zones, and to amend the version of section 2923.126 of the Revised Code that is scheduled to take effect January 1, 2014, to continue the provisions of this act on and after that effective date.”

If Ohio passes a law allowing teachers to carry guns in elementary, middle and high schools, it will have to answer the question, “When can a teacher legally shoot a student?” The “stand your ground” law, House Bill 203, that passed the Ohio house of representatives and is currently being considered in the Ohio senate should define the answer to when teachers can shoot students.

If House Bill 231 is passed, churches in Ohio will have to decide whether to put up the official sign banning guns. This makes gun control in Ohio a spiritualist issue.

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