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'When Calls the Heart: In Peril of Soloists' airs on Hallmark Channel

Erin Krakow in When Calls the Heart Perils of Soloists on Hallmark Channel
Erin Krakow in When Calls the Heart Perils of Soloists on Hallmark Channel
Copyright 2013 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter

"In Peril of Soloists," the eighth episode of Hallmark's frontier series "When Calls the Heart," premiered on Hallmark Channel on March 1, 2014. "When Calls the Heart," based on the books by Janette Oke, stars Erin Krakow, Lori Laughlin and Daniel Lissing.

There is a major change for Abigail (Loughlin) and Elizabeth (Krakow, "Chance at Romance") as they move from Abigail's row house into the second story of her new cafe. Abigail has mixed feelings about leaving the home she shared with her late husband and son, but she decides to move on to a new phase of her life by opening the cafe. The townspeople of Coal Valley look forward to a new eatery that provides a wholesome alternative to the saloon.

Elizabeth panics when she is given late notice about the annual Founder's Day Play and only has a week to prepare for the event promoted by the Mayor's wife, Dottie (Erica Carroll). In addition to rehearsals, the props and costumes were destroyed in the church fire, so she has to sew new costumes. A painted backdrop appears overnight and Elizabeth wonders who performed the magic. Abigail surmises that constaple Jack (Lissing) has a hidden talent for painting, but promises to keep his secret.

Elizabeth and Jack are starting to realize that their friendship is growing into a deeper relationship.

Coal Valley welcomes back the sole survivor of the tragic mine explosion. Adam Miller (Chad Willett) returns home after many months in a hospital. The townspeople gather to greet him but are shocked to see that he lost a leg. His wife, Laurel (Christine Chatelain), and two young daughters, Joleen (Lilah Fitzgerald) and Morgan-Rose (Sarah Boey), are excited to see him, but never expected he’d return home with only one leg.

Adam enjoys an evening of singing and playing the guitar with his family. The next morning, anxious about his ability to provide for his family, he asks for light work at the mine. He is still haunted by the memories of the explosion and comes to realize that he cannot work in the environment. He is embarrassd by attempts to help from his family and townspeople and is convinced they would be better off without him. He runs away and Jack rides off to find him and urge him to return to his family. During campfire talk, Jack reveals that his own father, also a mountie, died after an accident and left him fatherless.

At the Founder's Day Play, Joleen solemnly goes on stage to perform without the support of her father, but everyone is in for a tearful surprise.

Erin Krakow (Elizabeth Thatcher), Lori Loughlin (Abigail Stanton), Daniel Lissing (Jack Thornton), Chelah Horsdal (Cat Montgomery), Martin Cummins (Henry Gowen), Adrian Hough (Reverend Anderson), Eric Breker (Herbert Ansvil), Jill Morrison (Carla Noonan), Bruce Harwood (Mayor Silas Ramsey), Hrothgar Mathews (Ned Yost), Mitchell Kummen (Gabe Montgomery), Mamie Lavorock (Rosaleen Sullivan), Darius Zaviceanu (James Fremont), Elisabeth Boys (Cassandra Garner), Katelyn Mager (Rachel Stonelake), Loretta Walsh (Florence Blakeley),Chad Willett (Adam Miller), Erica Carroll (Dottie Ramsey), Christine Chatelain (Laurel Miller), Lilah Fitzgerald (Joleen Miller) and Sarah Boey (Morgon-Rose Miller).

“When Calls the Heart” is a Believe Pictures and Brad Krevoy Television production. Executive Producers are Brad Krevoy, Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr., Michael Shepard, Jimmy Townsend. Co-Executive Producers are Francisco J. Gonzalez, Alexandre Coscas and Eric Jarboe, produced by Vicki Sotheran and Greg Malcolm. Written by Jon Nappa, Directed by Neill Fearnley. Based on the novel, When Calls the Heart by Janette Oke.

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