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When “Bling” was the thing … all-chromed Hondas

Sample photos of all-chromed Honda CB77 Super Hawks. 1962 model.
Sample photos of all-chromed Honda CB77 Super Hawks. 1962 model.
Bill Silver, Troyce Walls, Juan Rasner, Bruce Bridges

Honda’s sales successes in the early 1960s was a huge boost to their financial bottom line and encouraged them to continue the expansion of their dealerships in the US. Soichiro Honda (the real Mr. Honda!) was so pleased with how well things were going in America that he decided to send some special models to US dealers in appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the product line. To the surprise of the dealers here small batches of all-chromed motorcycles. To my knowledge, these are the following bikes delivered with all-chromed metal parts: Honda C015T, CT200, C110 and CB77s.

The C110 and C105T models were 1962 editions, which had the “short” tail light lens on the back. The CT200 Trail 90s were built from 1964-66, so came from a different timeframe than for the little 50s. The CB77s were rarely seen and gathering any information on the frame numbers proved challenging through the years. Because of the release of the small-bore bikes in the 1962-64 era, it could have been inferred that the Super Hawks had also been produced during that time, but that is not the case as the known bike numbers span from 1962 to 1964.

Thus far, these serial numbers have been confirmed:

CB77-22077 late 1962

CB77-318205 late 1963

CB77-318231 early 1963

CB77-100866 early 1963

CB77-100867 early 1964

CB77-106802 late 1964

The serial number of this bike, shown on U-tube ( is unknown, but it does have 1962 characteristics, so thus far it appears that Honda rolled out all-chromed Super Hawks in 1962, 63 and 1964. If anyone out there has more information on serial numbers on these bikes or know of more being restored, please contact “MrHonda” here or on my website:

Bill “MrHonda” Silver

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