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When Birds of a Feather Flock Together

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Barack Obama met with Pope Francis I today in Rome, as part of his European and Middle Eastern tour.

In a gesture of solidarity, Obama presented Pope Francis with a special assortment of "You shall know them by their fruits," and a lifetime supply of poppy seeds, fresh from the White House garden.

The gift came enclosed in a chest constructed of wood from the Baltimore Basilica, where pro-abortion Catholic, John Kerry, receives Communion whenever possible.

Pope Francis, in turn, bestowed the president with a copy of his book, "The Joy of the Gospel," and assured the president that someday, he too, would get around to reading the Gospel.

In his book, the pope reiterates the Jesuit Socialist platform by denouncing people with lots of money who can hire lots of people, and also warns of the evils of a One World Religion.

Obama assured the pope that the book will come in handy to help him relax during his morning constitution—especially if the White House runs short of toilet paper.

The president's tour winds up in Saudi Arabia, for a long-awaited family reunion and a relaxing visit with some of his closest friends.

Previous to his papal visit, the president met with European leaders to express his disdain for governments that invade other countries for their resources, topple their regimes and replace them with puppet governments.