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When billionaires cry wolf

A recent article quoted a billionaire as feeling persecuted like the Nazis persecuted the Jews. Perhaps his analogy was a bit harsh considering billionaires have taken and taken and taken from the rest of us and in many cases persecuted those they call the little people by paying them low wages, charging high prices and generally scalping society. Perhaps he should have said that billionaires are despised like those who take more than a fair share.

I always find it funny when a billionaire takes and takes and takes from society and then claims that model is a sign of success. It is also strange that when those who have been taken from cry foul, the billionaire cries persecution. It's almost like a child who steals all the family's Christmas gifts crying persecution after he is discovered.

Then there are those billionaires who get a conscience and decide to give back half. It is perhaps just a little suspect that those who have taken and taken and taken decide to give some back but keep half for themselves. It is kind of like the kings of this world who choose a favorite charity to sponsor, but continue to take land and protect their incredible fortunes from the rest of the people in their country.

Such partial giving is as hollow as the cries of persecution. When the persecutor cries persecution, when the greedy cry foul, when the takers cry Nazi oppression it all just seems like a spoiled kid who took all the candy crying because he was called out.

There are two kinds of people in this world, givers and takers. The really big people are the givers not the takers. I am not impressed by those who take and take and take and then decide to give half back. I am impressed by those who give it all for others. They are the real heroes. People like Christ, Mother Theresa and Saint Nicholas are my heroes, not the takers.

Perhaps the real reason that we despise the takers so much is because we innately sense that giving is far more blessed than getting (Acts 10:35), that real success is not taking and taking and taking, but giving and giving and giving.

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