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When Bella was adopted she gained love and a bucket list.

Bella thinks she could get into this soft bed stuff. This is her first day in her new home.
Bella thinks she could get into this soft bed stuff. This is her first day in her new home.
Robin H

It was a Saturday night when Robin got a feeling she should check the Humane Society website. That is when she discovered Bella, the first dog her finance’ Dylan and Robin adopted. Bella was the featured pet of the week. This 8 year old Boxer had been bred yearly her entire life and was rescued in December while wondering the streets most likely since she could no longer be a breeder.

After the Humane Society took her in she was passed up by many families, but robin was sure she was meant to have this dog. Arriving the next day the minute the shelter was open, they soon met this stressed out animal. The shelter could not find the reasons after testing why Bella had blood in her stool so she would be euthanized soon. They were warned Bella may not live long, but this kind couple adopted her just the same.

Robin says,” I have had Boxers since I was 4 years old so I knew they are a very sensitive breed.” Robin said it only took some time of Bella receiving love and the medical issue was gone. They report that Bella has had other health issues such as two years ago she had a mast cell tumor removed and now she has Degenerative Spinal Disease. But she is 12 ½ now and still being loved.

“Adopting Bella has been one of the best decisions of our lives We know this may be our last year with her so we have created somewhat of a bucket list for her. We have gone to the top of Pikes Peak, had pancakes at Bon Tons, many hikes and have celebrated her every day. Her presence in our life has definitely been a gift,” says Robin.

The love this couple showed this older dog is so special since many older pets are passed up in the shelters. Shouldn’t the elder pets enjoy their last years that can be filled with good things that many never had as younger pets?