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When artist meets writer: Genius to genius

Wen LePore self-portrait and her parents
Wen LePore self-portrait and her parents
Wen Lepore

Soft spoken and outspoken are descriptives that may be applied to each, the artist, Wen LePore and the writer, Len Bracken. Wen is Chinese, and came to America to share all of her talents that include painting, pottery, and music. Her mother was a Chinese actress, but Wen explains that her mother would not go along with all of the parts that the government wanted her to portray. Her mother was a theatrical artist and her father was a musician. Today, she is the amalgamation of those fine people, expressing her culture with a gust of American freedom that fans the burning flames of creativity that belong to her. She is passionate about American freedom.

Portrait of Len Bracken by Wen LePore
Wen LePore

Juxtaposition: introduce Wen to Len Bracken, an American intellect and creative genius who embraces the world and applies his capacity to help interpret the vastly complex world of historical events, present and past. Len has command of multiple languages. He is a conspiracy theorist, but that is not to pigeonhole his talent. He is a clear thinker, who wanders the pathways of possibilities to keep minds free to ponder all of the possibilities. When free thinking stops, life becomes entropic.

Artists description

“Abstract art is her favorite. She tries to make natural landscape become more abstracted. She thinks creating an abstract artwork is the most difficult job for a painter. That’s why abstract art is always full of attraction. Most of the time she likes to paint plein air. She paints what she feels is beautiful. Sometime she will paint to music in her studio. She can feel colors by the notes of the music. The exciting part is that music can help her create different brush strokes.”

Wen Lepore

The first portrait painting that I saw of Wen’s was a self-portrait. It exaggerates certain features, and captures her intensity. Another portrait is that of her husband Mike and dog, Truman. It is in the cubist style of Picasso. Then, she exhibited Wolf Blitzer at Gallery Underground. She painted the portrait of fellow artist, George Bowles. She painted Len Bracken once before, and now the one shown in the feature photo.

Portraiture takes a good deal of time. In between, Wen is often painting landscapes.

The secretive Len Bracken is probably writing something new, but he won’t tell.

Writer's description

“Unlike most speculators who present a conspiracy as the consequence of a lone smoking gun, Bracken attempts to protect himself against skeptics by coating his theories with an academic veneer. He centers his hypothesis around a classic sociohistorical argument: namely, that all societies and governments have used terrorism to unite splintered populations—by instigating war, instilling fear, or both. ‘The history of humanity is a history of covert operations,’ Bracken says. ‘To ignore such evidence is naive.’ He cites Herodotus, Plutarch, Machiavelli, Churchill, Hitler, and assorted despots, offering brief accounts of their questionable aggressions throughout history. Junior’s war on terrorism, he argues, follows a similar logic: In the absence of the Cold War, the current administration has created a new scapegoat—the Terrorist—which it can use to rally the public around the flag and covertly accomplish its militant goals.’”

Bio of Len Bracken:

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