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When art is life: Manuela Costescu and John Maier

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"Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life,” said Oscar Wilde. If you didn’t know Manela Costescu or only knew her through casual acquaintance, and if you have observed her paintings, one at a time over a period, you might realize that she is telling you a story. Not once did the artist explain in conversation what was going on in her life. It was all visual art.

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Invited to her art opening at Gary Gayer’s Allstate Financial Services Agency in Falls Church Friday evening, the entire story was revealed with a crescendo at the end that was the announcement of her engagement to John Maier. John Maier’s art is an entirely different story and worthy of individual treatment.

Both are board members of Falls Church Arts.

Manuela billed the opening as, “The green diamond man and the infinity woman at their first art show together.” There are inside meanings to all of these things with some being more intuitive than others. It happened on “First Friday” in Falls Church as that is when the community traditional holds community events.

She said that the work was inspired by life events as it features her geometric-based Green Diamond Man and Infinity Woman. (John Maier is the “Green Diamond Man” and she is the “Infinity Woman.” For those who attended she took her friends and patrons on a journey through time and places using emotions. Her characters were recently featured in the Tinner Hill Blues Festival and Falls Church Arts Plein Air Festival. John’s work featured vintage 1967-68 psychedelic and pop art pieces and artifacts placed in acrylic cubes.

Green and red were dominant color themes as they served red and green cake cubes arranged in a checkerboard pattern at a couple of locations in the venue. The red cake was strawberry and the green was mint flavored and was a delicious combination.

Falls Church is most arty village with lots of enthusiasm where art is the catalyst for fun and intellectual adventure.

There were a number of paintings are pieces of art to enjoy. See the slideshow as it features Manuela’s storytelling.

  1. I love U 2 = the green man and the infinity woman started going out during the winter. It is cherry blossoms, and they just had their first argument. It’s raining with cherry petals, but a special bouquet made the infinity woman say “I love you too"
  2. Rock baby, rock = the green diamond man started playing guitar, and singing; the infinity woman is melting and loving him even more
  3. Dance with me = the green diamond man invited the infinity woman to dance, what a great dancer he is
  4. Unfinished work= while the infinity woman painting was drying ay the window, Noelle the cat thought the painting needs a final touch in order to be considered finished
  5. Red, white and blue = the green diamond man and the infinity woman celebrated 4th of July together. He had the engagement ring in his pocket, and by the time he proposed, it was already July 5th – a day to remember!

See more of their work at Falls Church Arts as they participate in gallery events.