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When are pets living in your home too many?

This is a great transportation crate for a puppy but, when forced to live like this 24/7 it is a problem. Hoarders do not care about the conditions in which pets are kept.

How do you determine if you have too many pets? There is a legal definition as well as a practical one.

In Colorado Springs, the law says that you may have up to 4 adult pets. That could be 4 cats or 4 dogs or a combination of both, not to exceed 4. An adult pet counts where new puppies or kittens do not count in the number. Most areas are the same, but some unincorporated areas in El Paso County have different rules. Fountain, for example, says you may have up to 6 animals. But only 4 can be adult, either all cats or all dogs or a combination of them. The other two would need to be babies, or at least not considered adults. For this purpose many rules apply to pets over 4 months old that they consider adults.

Then there are the practical considerations. If your house is too small for the number of pets you have, they may be too many even if you do come in under the government limits. Some dogs or cats are so noisy, untrained or active, that one of those is plenty. Active animals need lots of exercise and when they do not get enough, they become too active and problematic. The greatest thing you can do in this situation is to train them to be the type of animal you wish to keep for a pet. It is so easy to be seduced by a pet’ cuteness or beauty and take on more than you can handle. When this happens the quality of life for everyone in the household suffers including the pet. Numbers may get distorted a bit while fostering pets to find them permanent homes, but we should all be careful that we stay legal.

When the situation gets so out of hand and you become a hoarder of animals, there is a serious problem. Most folks cannot afford to house and properly care for too many pets. The hoarder of pets usually loses the ability to keep pets safe and healthy and the conditions that result from this situation are often a health hazard and neighborhood nuisance.

One such hoarder is Kimi Peck who goes by an alias of Susan Moran and continues her harmful mission to steal, breed and sell dogs. She is in the company of her longtime boyfriend David Mabra and they are traveling in a white GMC with a beat up 5th wheel. She is traveling with dozens of dogs, many of which are in bad condition. Authorities catch up with this woman and make her surrender dogs and she just moves to another location and starts all over again. This is an extreme case of those who try to care for too many pets and in this case it is unlikely that she is concerned about their welfare at all.

Read about this case on a Facebook page devoted to it

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