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When in America...


Modern day Japanese bath house 

…shower like the Japanese!

Compared to Americans, Japanese people shower very differently.

American showering:    
- Standing up     
- Continuous flow of water   
- Bath water only used once   
- Single-person bathing   

Japanese showering:
- Sitting on a bucket/stool
 - Moveable shower head with on/off swtich
- Bath water used for multiple people
- Bath houses

There are more examples but, generally, the difference in showering techniques is clearly and briefly explained.

According to the U.S. federal government, the average American family uses about $1,300 on utility bills per year.  America uses about 75% more energy than Europe.  Japan and Australia even use less than the United States.  About 41% of indoor water use in America is used for flushing the toilet and 33% is used for bathing purposes.

Japan, on the other hand, uses about 28% of their water for flushing toilets and about 24% for bathing purposes.  Not only is Japan saving money, they’re saving water and helping everyone, too.  (Most of the water in Japan is used for their crops, like rice). 

Yes, it may seem a little strange at first to try to figure out a routine for showering like the Japanese, but it won’t be hard. 

Here are some hints on how to get started:                                                  

 - Get a shower head that is detachable, has a long cord and can be turned on or off with a button or switch.  (Shower heads for people don’t normally have a button to push to start or stop water flow.  Therefore, researching dog washing shower heads is highly advised.  They work the same way, anyways!)
- Find a comfortable item to sit on.  A waterproof stool or bucket works.  Also, if the bathtub has a wide enough ledge, a person could sit there.
- Figure out at time in the day when there aren’t any pressing obligations and construct some sort of Japanese-style showering technique.

Japanese-style showering saves water as well as time.  After practicing for a few times, you may find the process to be efficient and relaxing.

Information retrieved from: Water Conservation Tips and State of water: Japan

(1. Please take off your underwear. 2. Please sit down for taking a shower. 3. Please keep your towel out of the bathtub. 4. Please do not run at the bath area. 5. Please refrain from washing your clothes or underwear. 6. Please wipe yourself off.)


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