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When a penny strengthens faith

The penny has been in circulation in the United States since 1793, but not everyone sees its value. Since 1990, the American government has debated the issue of eliminating the penny from circulation due to financial and environmental concerns. Not all people agree with ridding our system of the penny, however. Though her reasons probably differ from others, Susan Abar remains thankful for the penny. Two pennies helped remind her of hope as she struggled to turn her life around.

In her book, Against All Odds: Two Pennies, A Rainbow, and a Woman Called Mercy, Susan Abar shares with readers the story of her journey through challenging times of forgiveness and healing.
S. Abar

In her book, Against All Odds: Two Pennies, A Rainbow, and a Woman Called Mercy, Susan Abar tells the story of her journey through times of forgiveness and healing. She invites readers to take an honest look at her life during a time when she was laid off from work and diagnosed with breast cancer. She thought life couldn’t get any worse, but then it did. Diagnosed with a 2.5 cm mass on her pancreas that was growing rapidly, Susan faced what all believe were insurmountable odds. Her mother died from pancreatic cancer in just seven weeks as did Susan’s maternal grandfather. She knew from personal experience that few people survive pancreatic cancer.

Her triumphant story of hope includes the lesson she learned from finding two pennies. The pennies seemed insignificant when she first picked them up. The longer she held on to them, the more she wondered if God was telling her something through what others may consider worthless.

In her book, Abar wrote, “Trusting in God meant I no longer had to worry about anything. God was in control and my relationship with Him brought me peace of mind. God had allowed me to find to insignificant pennies and put them in my shoes, so that I would never forget that the foundation of my faith on which I stand is grounded in trusting God for everything. It took me months to realize that on those two small coins that I had slipped into my shoes were the words—In God We Trust.”

Abar has turned pennies into a source of hope for others through her store, The Copper Coin, located in Branson, Missouri. Her unique jewelry line reminds wearers to keep faith, hope, courage and wisdom from God in their lives no matter what challenges they face. Abar, who provides inspirational keynotes and workshops to women, never gave up and never stopped trusting in God. She hopes her story brings hope to others.

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