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Wheelchair truthers: Wendy Davis supporters question Greg Abbott's disability

Wendy Davis supporters start conspiracy theory, claim Greg Abbott doesn't really need wheelchair.
Wendy Davis supporters start conspiracy theory, claim Greg Abbott doesn't really need wheelchair.
MCT via Getty Images

It seems the Wendy Davis crowd has taken things to a whole new level of crazy. Now, some are actually questioning whether Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is really disabled, Twitchy reported Saturday, calling those who question Abbott's disability "wheelchair truthers."

"Prove he is a paraplegic," one person said on the Texas Tribune's Facebook page.

Another person at the Dallas Morning News questioned whether Abbott actually needs the wheelchair.

According to some Davis supporters, Abbott has apparently used a wheelchair for decades in order to garner sympathy in his run for governor.

News of the latest left-wing conspiracy theory comes on the heels of a video showing Wendy Davis supporters mocking Abbott for his disability.

Abbott responded to Davis supporters by calling it "unworthy of Texas."

“Denigrating the disabled is unworthy of Texas," he told Fox News' Megyn Kelly. "What Texans really look at is the depth of character. There’s a reason why I have been elected statewide in Texas five different times. That’s because Texans know I have the quality and depth of character to represent their families and their values."

According to Abbott's bio, the attorney general was injured by a falling tree shortly after graduating from law school.

An article at calls the conspiracy theory "bizarre," and says the "wheelchair truther" meme is likely to spread.

"'Show us the medical records!' 'Explain how a paralyzed man fathered a child!' The circus may just be beginning," Mark Whittington wrote.

Whittington said he doubts Davis herself is personally responsible for the conspiracy theory, but, he added, this is something Davis doesn't need.

"She will probably have to publically (sic) condemn this conspiracy theory, which will be damaging, but better than trying to ignore it," he added.

Whittington compared Davis to Todd Akin and Christine O'Donnell -- two GOP candidates who proved to be not quite ready for the offices they were seeking -- and suggested she quit her campaign.

"Davis may be well advised to pull out of the race for governor and try to find a career outside of politics," he wrote. "She was persuaded into this race by national Democrats and pro choice activists convinced she was their instrument for turning Texas into a blue state. They clearly do not have either her best interests or that of Texas at heart."

"I Cannot Even Begin To Process This Level Of Stupid," says the title of a post at the conservative "Chicks on the Right."

"This is the disease of Liberalism proven," one person said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Davis and her supporters are now claiming it is sexist to criticize the Texas Democrat named "Abortion Barbie" by many on the right.



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