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‘Wheel of Fortune’ mispronunciation ruins chance of million dollar prize

Wheel of Fortune is always fun to watch at home and fans enjoy watching host Pat Sajak. However sometimes the host has bad news when it comes to following the rules of America's favorite game show. According to Fox 8 in Cleveland on Sunday, an Indiana University freshman named Julian was about to win on Wheel of Fortune, but he stumbled on pronouncing the word “Achilles” and lost it all, including a chance for a million bucks.

Pat Sajak
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

The college week games are always much tougher as the show seems to cater to the college mind set, but still Julian should have known this from his Greek mythology studies. He started off good as he spun the wheel and got every letter of “Mythological Hero Achilles” on the board. He made Vanna White work her magic turning all the letters and this point made it sadder than ever that he lost.

The rules of Wheel of Fortune are pretty clear. When Julian didn't say the world correctly, the bank was wiped out leaving the next contestant, Shelby from Texas A&M to pronounce the puzzle correctly.

The game show is taped at the studio audience in Los Angeles at the Sony lot. Those fans who think the show is easy to play on set should make a point to watch a taping live as it is a boiler room of pressure. The show is not like watching at home. Contestants are put under pressure to make as much money as they can in 30 minutes. There is no yelling out (like at home) and there is no chance to do over. Those players who get the answers are at the top of their game.

As for Julian, he could have won a car, but he didn't. He has to be disappointed at the final results, but then again he got the chance to play and did pretty well under the circumstances.

Take a look at the video clip of the Wheel of Fortune mishap. What is unfortunate is that many people mispronounce words and when corrected learn the proper way to say a word. However, unlike this moment, they don’t lose everything in front of Pat Sajak.

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