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Wheel of Fortune: Mispronounced word on Wheel of Fortune costs player big

Wheel of Fortune contestant, Julian Batts, may have lost a $1 million win by mispronouncing a word that would have made all the difference. The Indiana University freshman incorrectly pronounced "Achilles" as "Achillus."

The Wheel of Fortune loss happened last Friday when College Week was airing. The final play was a chance to win $1 million. Batts got every letter correct letter in the word puzzle, but he failed to say it correctly, reports USA Today April 14.

Batts' entire answer was "Mythological Hero Achilles," but the freshman student pronounced the last word wrong and it cost him. As Us Weekly reported, Pat Sajak stressed to Batts that the important thing was he won $11,700.

Batts appeared on ABC's Good Morning America Monday morning and shared his experience. He said the whole thing "hit me like a train. I really didn’t know how to react to it -- the game continued on and [another contestant from] Texas A&M, she solved it and it hit me right then and there that it was Achilles."

What a bummer for Julian Batts to get the letters correct, but mispronounce one of the words. It was evident even Sajak was shocked and it was hard for him to let Batts know his answer wasn't qualified for a chance to win $1 million.

Batts did win the show, however. It was probably little comfort when he knew the chance of winning a million dollar prize was right in front of him. That's human nature, after all.

Do you think the Wheel of Fortune rules are too strict? If the show knows what someone is trying to say, shouldn't that suffice? The main objective is to get all of the letters in the puzzle right, is it not? It's not a language arts class.

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