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'Wheel of Fortune' guess: 12-letter puzzle solved with 2 letter showing

A "Wheel of Fortune" guess has made one game show contestant Internet-famous. On March 20, The Washington Post reported that a contestant on "Wheel of Fortune" was able to guess a 12-letter, 3-word puzzle with only the first two letters filled in. His guess was pretty incredible because the "thing" he guessed wasn't something common at all. Here's how it went down:

Emil was given the classic letters "RSTLN E" and they filled in the letters "NE" of the first word (which was three letters). Emil then guessed his letters "HMDO" and he didn't get any help. He was given 10 seconds to guess the puzzle and somehow -- he guessed right!

The "Wheel of Fortune" guess was incredible and something that most people wouldn't think of -- however, Emil is a "great puzzle solver" according to host Pat Sajak. Obviously Emil knew that certain letters had to be in the puzzle and so he went with "B." The words "new baby" seemed to come out easily, but when Emil spit out the word "buggy," he just assumed that he got it wrong -- because the puzzle didn't light up right away.

Within seconds, the puzzle was solved and Emil was shocked (as was everyone else). Apparently this was a very lucky guess. The "thing" was indeed "New baby buggy." So what did Emil win? $45,000!

Check out the "Wheel of Fortune" guess in the video above.

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