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Wheel of Fortune: Contestant's incredible guess wins big (VIDEO)

Wheel of Fortune”, the popular television game show that has been around for years, had a very unusual event occur on a recent episode. Emil, the contestant who shocked viewers, people on set as well as host Pat Sajack was given the clue: “It’s a thing, and its three words,” according to a Huffington Post report on Thursday.

Wheel of Fortune contestant gets lucky

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The only letters that came up in the three words were “N" and "E” – the first two letters of the three letter first word The second word had four letters and the third word had five letters.

Based on the very bad and unrevealing clue, Pat Sajack said that Emil could start talking it out and maybe something would pop out. The first three words out of Emil’s mouth were “new baby buggy.”

He won $45,000 on that Wheel of Fortune spin – because, quite incredibly, he was right!

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