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Wheat Ridge man faces attempted murder charges for using his gun

What are we to think? Last February, a Wheat Ridge, Colorado man named Robert Wallace, saw two men hooking his flatbed trailer up to their truck in his driveway beside his house. He grabbed his gun and ran out to stop them. They didn't stop, and according to Mr. Wallace tried to run him down on their way off his property. He shot twice, hitting one man in the face. Shortly thereafter one perpetrator dropped his wounded friend off at a hospital and disappeared.

It is said that the wheels of justice grind slow, but very fine. So far the district attorney has filed 12 felony counts against Mr. Wallace including 4 counts of attempted murder (don't worry, it's the New Math) and as of July 14th, no charges have been filed against the two admitted thieves Damacio Torres and Alvaro Cardona . They are suspected of being in the country illegally, and have rap sheets that include public fighting and aggravated motor vehicle theft.


The confusing box score on this case includes two elements. First, when Mr. Wallace called in the theft report of his trailer to Wheat Ridge police he didn't mention that he shot at anybody. Only when Denver police noticed that the truck that dropped off a gunshot victim was the same as the truck described as hauling off a stolen trailer did pieces begin to come together. When Mr. Wallace was re-interviewed he admitted shooting at the thieves as they were escaping. Because he didn't claim to be in fear for his life, he was charged with attempted murder. Because the theft occurred outside his house, the Colorado Castle Doctrine laws didn't come into play. Self defense must include your real belief that you face bodily harm or death from the assailant.

The charges against the two thieves are being held in abeyence because they are thought to be involved in a larger vehicle theft ring investigation that is still ongoing. Their charges will be placed in concert with the larger investigation that is still ongoing. These facts come from a Wheat Ridge police explanation.

Now, if I can just figure out how shooting at two men gets you four attempted murder charges.....

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  • JR Bailey Casper Public Policy Examiner 5 years ago

    Hey Dan,

    The idiot DA in this case needs to be HOUNDED from office. He needs to be investigated by any private individual with enough money to pay for the private investigators.

    He needs to be legally harassed until he capitulates in dropping ALL charges against Mr. Wallace: the low life scum DA is doing this for POLITICAL reasons of no doubt, personal ambition and an anti-2A position.

    Secondly, Colorado lawmakers must AMENDED the Castle Law to incorporate the more Texas Style, which allows ANYONE illegally on a person's property to be shot after being warned verbally.

    We cannot and should not trust politically ambitious low life swine DA's to do anything but what they currently do: use ANY instance for personal political gain.

    I well and truly wish I were very wealthy: the DA of Wheatridge and anyone in his office helping him, would have at LEAST TWO Private Investigators on their sorry butts every 8 hour cycle, for a 24/7-365 course, until the charges were dropped.

  • Bruce W. Krafft 5 years ago

    Simple DA Math: 2 shots fired, 2 perps = 4 attempted murders.

  • 2outspoken 5 years ago

    I bet this was one of those orgasmic experiences for the D"umb" A"ss". Oh Boy, I finally get to have someone locked up. Yeah stupid "your prosecuting the wrong person.

  • Gunther 5 years ago

    Elderly man made the classic error of speaking with the cops. Mr. Bronson was not in any danger when he opened fire on the thieves and therefore will be found guilty of attempted murder.

    Was it worth it? $600 trailer taken vs. facing all the drama of a court trial and loss of liberty? Let this be a lesson to all...think before you shoot.

  • E Zach Lee-Wright 5 years ago

    Well the D.A. had charged the thieves. The following is from his website:
    On July 12, 2010 Damacio Torres-Ochoa and Alvaro Cardona-De Lorea appeared in custody and were advised by Judge Thomas Vance. Judge Vance lowered their $100,000.00 bonds to $27,500.00 for Torres-Ochoa and $25,000.00 for Cardona-De Lorea.

    Torres-Ochoa and Cardona-De Lorea were arrested on Wheat Ridge Police Department probable cause warrants for Class 3 Felony Theft and other charges in connection with a trailer theft in February 2010, that left Cardona-DeLoera with a gunshot wound to the face.

    The next scheduled event is the filing of formal charges on July 16, 2010.

  • PeaceablyGuy 5 years ago

    Gunther, with that attitude, I'm sure you won't mind piling all your possessions out on your driveway for me (or more likely someone else) to throw into a dump truck and tote off.

  • Mike88 5 years ago

    Actually when the thieves attempted to run him over he was in fear for his life so therefore I believe he was totally justified in shooting at them.

  • Keith 5 years ago

    The idiot called the cops on himself, they're not there to help you.

  • vox 5 years ago

    "Torres-Ochoa?" "Cardona-De Lorea?"

    They're just here to steal the trailers Americans won't steal. Nothing to see here, Citizen. Move along. And get back to work, twenty million undocumented Democrats on welfare are depending on you.

  • hauntinghumans 5 years ago

    The government is not here to help you, stop giving it power. Do not talk to police.

  • Walt 5 years ago

    Shooting a man over a truck is ridiculous. The guy should face charges. You gun nuts are retarded.

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