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Wheat Fields in Lebanon

Samir Sammoun, 24" x 30"
Samir Sammoun, 24" x 30"
Courtesy of JR Mooney Galleries

Samir Sammoun is a Lebanon born artist who resides in Canada. Captivating audiences with his Van Gogh influenced impasto oil painting, Sammoun has steadily gained international attention as one of the artists to watch as his self determinacy expels him into the cataclysmic idiosyncrasies of traditional impressionistic painting.

Sammoun’s Wheat Fields, Bekka Valley references the fertile farmland of the Bekka Valley in East Lebanon- even today it remains Lebanon’s most important farming region. Placing the horizon line exactly in the middle of the composition and choosing to angle the mountain terrain down from the upper right- Sammoun take no risks in his placement of geographical referentials. However, the signatory essence is captured in the windblown wheat fields of this ancient agricultural basin. Left stroked painterly whips of yellows, greens, oranges, and blacks levitate off the picture plan- wafting out in the viewer’s proximity; almost close enough for a sensual hand wave of grain.

Looking to the sky, Sammoun launches into another Van Gogh-ish and imitative mastery of dazzling blues that energize the atmosphere with swirls and random marks of unconscious and automatic artistry.

-Gabriel Diego Delgado