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Whazzupp, GR8RJax™! – February 2014

Although Valentine’s Day may be the biggest story in February in Greater Jacksonville, it’s not the only one.

Although Valentine’s Day may be the biggest story in February in Greater Jacksonville, it’s not the only one.

With the weather more clement – even if Phil, but not the manatees, saw his shadow – festivals spring up like mushrooms. Here are five to plan to attend:

February festivals

  • Delray Garlic Festival – Feb. 7-9, Delray Beach, Fla.
  • Steinehatchee Fiddler Crab Festival – Feb. 14-16, Steinehatchee, Fla.
  • Sandestin Gumbo Festival – Feb. 15, Baytowne Wharf, Destin, Fla.
  • Palatka Spring Bluegrass Festival – Feb. 20, Palatka, Fla.
  • Northeast Florida Scottish Games & Festival – Feb. 22, Green Cove Springs, Fla.

National feast days

Commit to better eating this month. Pick a feast day and run with it:

  • National Cherry Month
  • National Snack Food Month
  • National Pancake Week – February 19-25
  • National Homemade Soup Day – February 4
  • National Fettuccine Alfredo Day – February 7
  • National Bagels & Lox Day – February 9
  • National Tortellini Day – February 13
  • National Cook a Sweet Potato Day – February 22
  • National Banana Bread Day – February 23
  • National Clam Chowder Day – February 25

Hey, GJE! I need an excuse for a party!

As, unfortunately, there may not be enough local events to keep you entertained and you’re not ready to commit a feast day, you can plan your next party around of February’s weird holidays.

Your Examiner’s personal favorite is Singles Awareness Day (Feb. 15), and she’s on the hunt to find out why it’s after Valentine’s Day and not before:

  • Lame Duck Day – February 6
  • Umbrella Day – February 10
  • Singles Awareness Day – February 15
  • Do a Grouch a Favor Day – February 16
  • Hoodie Hoo Day – February 20
  • National Tortilla Chip Day – February 24
  • No Brainer Day – February 27

About Greater Jacksonville

The city of Jacksonville proper is one of the few cities in the United States where the city limits and the county line are the same.

Kick off summer the right way. Take a minute to get to know Greater Jacksonville, Fla.

This makes it the largest city in the state by both population and area.

The Greater Jacksonville Metropolitan Area, about 1.3 million people, surrounds smaller cities and towns that over time have come to be considered “Jacksonville proper.”

Since the First Coast extends all the way to Palm Coast, it’s more accurate to acknowledge, for instance, that Gainesville, Green Cove Springs and Palatka really are part of Greater Jacksonville.

Get a map, and let me prove it.

Draw a line from “Jacksonville” to Gainesville. Then draw another east toward the Atlantic through Palatka and Bunnell to Palm Coast. The First Coast makes the third leg of the triangle you just drew.

Say hello to “Greater Jacksonville”

First, you need to learn some Timucuan, the language spoken by the Indians who have lived in GreaterJax™ for going on 12,000 years.

“Palatka” is European for pilo-taikita, “a place where cattle cross a river.”

Wacca Pilatka was and is the Timucuan name for Jacksonville, which you’ll also see referred to as “Cowford.”

In fact, Pilo-Taikita (Palatka) and Cowford even reported to the same Timucuan chief.

End of Timucuan lesson.

As you may have guessed, Your Greater Jacksonville Examiner is paid to examine the unique and unusual in northeast Florida.

Welcome to her neighborhood.



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OFFICIAL BIO: K Truitt is a second-generation, native Floridian born in Jacksonville. Truitt worked in public higher education for 25 years and knows newspaper publishing, printing and graphic design. Contact:

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