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WhatsApp with Wichita Kansas?

Once upon a time, popular money generating ideas ranged from Amway to the pet rock. These were the avenues that would pave the way to the American dream. Now the runway has changed. We make the latest and the greatest apps. "Places I've pooped" to "Drunk Dial No!" to name a two.

Alfred DaCosta
What's App
Sam Azgor

"In case you don't recall this rocky fiasco, Gary Dahl, an advertising executive from California, figured out a way to decorate and market rocks as pets. It might not sound like much, but it spawned a fad that swept the U.S. like a runaway rockslide."-George & Gerbis

From 12 of the weirdest Apps ever made, rating at number 9. Pimple Popper

"If you were a pizza face like me in the 8th grade, you’re gunna rule at this game. Pick ‘n’ pop your way through eight faces tackling blackheads, whiteheads, full blown ragers and the notorious ZIT SCAB! Become a Pimple Master by perfecting special techniques for each zit. What else can I say, this app promises an ooooeyy goooeey good time. Once you pop, you just can’t stop."

Fads will fade, easy trend easy go. We always ask what will be next to come. Facebook is not letting go of it's coveted spot in social networks. Facebook knows that in order to maintain a pulse in this industry, you must be willing to evolve into the future. What better way to do that than to buy What'sapp for $19 billion.

Twitter reports @engadget Feb. 20, 2014, 2:40 PM. "Google apparently offered to outbid Facebook's $19 billion What'sApp offer"

Twitter also reports @Huffpost "The insane story of how Jan Koum went from food stamps to WhatsApp and a $19 billion deal with Facebook via @Forbes"

According to trends map, while the popularity of the app continues to grow across the U.S, if Wichita Ks, wasn't talking about before they are now.

Participation +5: Do you own What'sapp? What do you find to be much different from SMS? Leave reply below or call 316-778-0260 and leave message after beep.

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