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WhatsApp on Facebook: Driving company stock prices upward

The Facebook IPO was an unexpected disappointment in the financial markets almost 2 years ago. Fast forward to today, there has been a series of more fortunate events for Facebook CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg. As of today, Facebook's stock price stands at $71.22 per share, with a volume of 40,677,639. The price is fluctuating as news surfaces, but has seen an increase of 3.73%. The Dow is trading at roughly 16,300. The S&P is almost 1,900, Nasdaq is 4,306 and change.

As of February 19, 2014, Zuckerberg made a bullish move by purchasing the Android app, WhatsApp at the bargain basement price of $19B. The technology and staff will be joining the Facebook staff, in the short term, as announced on Facebook.

Zuckerberg was in Barcelona, Spain at the Mobile World Congress, that detailed the genius behind the purchase. Zuckerberg tells the audience that WhatsApp is a: "great company and a great fit for us." Further, "It's the most engaging app that exists on mobile that we have seen by far." Finally, "WhatsApp connects more than 1B people, and no other app reaches users at that level." Though the young CEO doesn't expect an astounding profit at this juncture, he is forecasting marginal growth in the foreseeable future.




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