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Whats your passion?

February has always been a time to shine a spotlight on our favorite Valentines. We pay special attention to the ones we care for. But for my fellow neighborhood council leaders and community volunteers, we treat our town as our Valentine every day of the year. We still need your love and dedication for our community to continue to make our community even better. From issues effecting our waterfront to cell towers popping up all over our town, I know you have an issue that you’re passionate about.

Last year was packed with major changes for our community. With 2010 in full swing, I am looking forward to big changes and continued community improvements. We as a community expect safe streets and responsive city services. Instead of saying someone should do something, you now have the opportunity to learn how. Don’t you want to know what is happening before it happens?

While I work to improve our community services and events around the Harbor Area, it’s a labor of love that I can-
not do alone. Community leaders and neighborhood council members have stepped up to the plate time and time again. New parks, waterfront redevelopment, fighting for better traffic safety and much more would not be possible without proactive leaders. That’s why we need you to join us.

San Pedro has always stood out when it comes to community pride. From diversity to deep family histories, our town’s charter is invaluable. Unfortunately, many community leaders are exhausted or ready to retire. As our older generation passes on, our younger generation needs to step up to the plate. By having our younger generation put time and effort into a project, nonprofit or event, we will continue to stand out.

Since I was 16, my work has always been about improving our quality of life in San Pedro. It’s second nature to me to be involved and see projects completed. With a long history of active and productive community work, it has empowered me to encourage others to do the same. Seeing a pothole that needs to be filled or the need for a major infrastructure project that will enhance our community inspires me to get involved. By thinking, “Something should be done” or “Someone should do it,” I get involved because this is my community.

We all have passions in our lives that exist far beyond personal relationships. Improving our quality of life has been my passion. So I ask you, what is your passion? A great way to play an active role in community projects is to get involved you’re your neighborhood council.

If you have questions or concerns, I can help you on your transition with neighborhood councils. I want to make sure you understand and are comfortable with all that’s involved in the process. This is your community too, so do something. I look forward to hearing from you.

John M. Mavar welcomes your comments and suggestions. He
can be reached at You can also visit
his website at for community updates.
by John M. Mavar


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