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Whats Wrong with Dr. Simone? Freaking on Toya's Husband? #Married2Medicine

Whats Wrong with Dr. Simone?
Whats Wrong with Dr. Simone?
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Its back you guys! Married to Medicine with all of last seasons usual suspects-minus Kari Non-Factorwhatever her name was! I will do a recap of episode one but I just had to ask,

"What is wrong with Dr. Simone?"

Freaking all up on Toya's public!

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It seems like these women on reality television do not have a clear idea of what boundaries are, Nene Leakes calling Cynthia Bailey's husband a B*tch in his face and now the classy Dr. Simone was dropping is LOW behind Toya's husband like a dirty dog in heat. This is a Spelmanite!...never mind the fact that she is married herself and her husband is friends with Toya's husband.

Child...what could be the excuse for this type of behavior? She is a mother of two, she was not that drunk.

Dr. Simone said, "I dont remember it." Well Clutch the Pearls. She remembered and she knew that she was nothing but dead wrong.

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The rub of the entire scene was that Toya was right there while her husband was grinding on her. With Dr. Simone getting it from the back honey. Why didn't Toya do something right then? She was ballroom dress brawling last season and talking about people's children, now she wants to be classy?

Or was it that Toya Harris just didn't want any of that overbite that Dr. Simone is serving??

Well at the end of the episode we see that Dr. Simone and her husband seem to be going through some serious chellenges and they may be on the brink of maybe THAT is what is wrong with Dr. Simone. Her husband is holding out or she is.

We will see how this season goes, but the ladies of Married to Medicine never fail to get the drama started and I will be right here with my popcorn and ever present side eye!

Dr. Simone gets 10 Side-Eyes for that Scandalicious move.

What say YOU about what Dr. Simone did?
What would you do if Dr. Simone did that to YOUR man?

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery | Tweet Me @ClassySharelle
Digital Strategist & Editor-in-Chief,

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