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Whats better slow cardio or fast cardio

athlete sprint training
athlete sprint training
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What better for you slow cardio or fast cardio? The truth is for most people long distance running can be boring unless they training to compete against others. If you are looking to train more efficient, long bouts of cardiovascular training could be hopeless, If you are looking to burn fat. A group study was conducted in by the medicine and science in sports & exercise researchers, one group did steady cardio for 30 to 60 minutes three times a week. The other group ran four to six 30 second sprints three times a week. They concluded that the group who sprinted, there workout elevated there metabolic rates for a longer period of time, resulting in twice the burn. Personally, I believe that sprint training has always been effective routine for burning fat. Methods such as HIIT training is used by many athletes to build speed and power, which increases there lean muscle mass quickly. There is nothing wrong with doing HIIT 2-3 times a week with some easy cardio and some long slow cardio mixed in. HIIT is also, great for burning calories and increased performance. Easy cardio day is good for recovery to allow for a exercise in between HIIT sessions. If you have the time and you enjoy running for endurance and (not necessary fat burning), long distances will be beneficial. When running longer distances make sure you help yourself do this by ensuring you are eating enough in general (yes, even to lose weight), getting enough protein in your diet, paying attention to post workout recovery. The fact of the matter is; that either form of cardio can be good it just depends on your goals. If you're looking burn fat quicker, get your heart rate up with HIIT training, and see the faster results.