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Whatcha talkin' about Nicki Minaj?

Nicki Minaj
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET

Did anyone catch the 2013 BET Awards? If you did, then you were treated to an amazingly surreal speech by Nicki Minaj. She exclaimed to the audience that she writes her own lyrics and she doesn't support those who do not. She seemed to infer that the rap game's newest female star, Iggy Azelea, may have some Caspers writing for her. That refers to a ghost, not a racist term towards white people, wasn't sure if I needed to clear that up. "Better safe then sorry is," what I always say." Better out then in is," what Shrek always says.

Anyways, Nicki continued by saying "no shade." I have no clue what that means exactly, so please use the comment section below to explain "no shade" to me. I'm sure publicly she will come out and say that she wasn't dissing anyone in particular, if she hasn't already by the time I publish this article. Either way, you can see the resentment towards Iggy's rising star already festering in the Hip-Hop community. But if I am being honest with you, which is all that I can possibly be, this wasn't even the best moment of this off the wall speech.

The best moment of the speech was the part where Nicki talked about almost dying. This left me with one question and I'm assuming a lot of you who may have seen her speech. What the heck was Nicki talking about when she almost died a few days ago. Screw the maybe they do/maybe they don't have beef between Iggy and Nicki. I want to hear the "I almost died story."

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