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What Your Vote Boils Down To

Fact: Martini's are not the answer, but they are a solution... See Wikipedia definition - it's a kick!
Fact: Martini's are not the answer, but they are a solution... See Wikipedia definition - it's a kick!
Kate Mulligan

The countdown - within a month. Who in Monterey county, or the whole United States of America is not thinking about how to celebrate/what they will eat and drink on and beyond Election day?

Like it or not, what it all boils down to, is that the winning candidate will determine what you may find at your dinner table for the next four years, perhaps for generations into eternity. Think about it. and VOTE on Nov 2nd. It's not just about the presidential race. It's also about Prop 37. The advertisements on Television tell you to vote against it - but all other media is saying to vote for it - see 'The Video Monsanto Does Not Want You To See." Don't be fooled by advertising!

Jeffrey M Smith of Institute for Responsible Technology puts it quite plainly; Think about taking genes from one species, and forcing into the DNA of another species." he gives the example of putting spider genes into goat genes in the hopes of creating a substance from goat milk that can be used for creating a substance that can be used in bullet proof vests! (see for more on this.)

The thought of my food pyramid riding on this cusp has me ready to drop a handful of California grown olives bathed in my favorite lemon flavored vodka into my cereal bowl this morning ~ but not without first rounding up a few food issues for thought. It's part of a healthy and nutritious breakfast inspired by last nights Samuel L. Jackson's "Wake the F**K Up" bedtime tale.

Between our 'Heads of Households, CEO's and GMO's powerful forces are at work. Drunk on their influence to deliver nutrition (or not) - it's time for a heads up. The seeds of the Agri~pocolypse are already in the ground.

We already know the big business of agriculture is holding everyone hostage with the market that relys on pesticide use, genetics and natural disasters to drive their plotting and pricing. Monsanto has a policy that prohibits farmers from saving or reusing the seeds once the crop is grown, ensuring that farmers have to buy new seeds every year, they have been taking farmers to court on this subject, and draining their resources with appeals - to the point that farmers loose everything in the process.

Apparently we can't even trust WholeFoods on the supply side. (more on YouTube/Aaron Dykes of InfoWars.) The words, 'whole' and 'natural' no longer mean 'whole' or 'natural.'

At least in this state, the abundant farmlands especially in Monterey county allow us to find the price of lemons for example, anywhere from $1 to .10 cents apiece, hence delivering temporary immunity to those of the recently infamous 47%.

They may call us the land of fruits and nuts, but at least we in California are eating like the best of them. My friend and associate Gary Hanks says, "Think on this: back in the day, industrialists had a fit when Henry Ford starting paying his workers the princely sum of $5 a day. Henry insisted he could not run a business where his workers could not afford to buy his products. (The Model-T cost all of $385.)"

If we can't afford to spend money on food, how will we as a nation ever dig ourselves out of this mess? I'm afraid that the GMO's and pre-packaged so called food industries already have their plan in place:While advertised as "The Breakfast of Champions" the nutritional values in packaged food products are reaching out for our weakened dollar.

Without real value, real nutrition, we're looking at good percentage of the population "stupefied by poverty." The victory garden needs to grow in all backyards - but the first victory will start with your vote.

Back to that bowl of olives awash in... it's enough to drive a nation to drink. Case in point: that "100% cocktail party" advertisement recently airing on Hulu? It has you in their sites. One Wikipedia definition of a Cock-tail is a stimulating liquor, ... supposed to be an excellent electioneering potion, inasmuch as it renders the heart stout and bold, at the same time that it fuddles the head. It is said, also to be of great use to a democratic candidate: because a person, having swallowed a glass of it, is ready to swallow any thing else.[6]

I think it's best to wake up and smell the coffee instead.

Please join me on Twitter (@KatesMonterey) for updates on my whereabouts in case you want to exercise your right to free speech while you still have it.

We can tweet your ideas on the national menu come Nov 2nd:

Whose face will be egg free?

Will there be a celebratory popping of bubbly punctuated with a gourmet selection of the upwardly mobile bourgeoise's ho'r doerves?

An abundance of self aggrandizing smiles and zingers?

Will there be the cracking of teeth against "The Champagne of Bottled Beers," Nachos and a chiffonade of four letter words?

Will we give thanks? Break bread together? Will we move forward gracefully?

By the way, Thanks given here for contributions from Lane E. Keller, Gary Hanks and The Colbert Report.

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