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What your tattoo says about you

What your tattoo says about you
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What does your tattoo say about you? Your personality, the type of relationship you are looking for and much more. Tattoos are personal pieces of art, usually something that has such great meaning to you that you are willing to ink it into your skin for the rest of your life. So what is that inked piece of art saying about who you really are?

Ancient tribes from all over the world practiced the art of tattooing to denote tribal membership, ward off evil spirits, convey ownership and as a way of displaying notches of conquests. In modern day history tattoos were originally sported by men for some of the very same reasons early tribes did.

Many men in the military proudly wore a tattoo of their service branch (displaying membership) and showing off the woman they loved by shrouding her name in a heart on their forearm (displaying ownership). Moving up the history ladder to today, the tattoo's domain is found on various parts of the body of both men and woman who use this artistic vessel as a way of expression.

What your tattoo is, it's size, and where it is located says a lot about it's wearer. Just as the ancient tribes conveyed a message with their tattooing cultures, your tattoo is revealing something about you.

The Butterfly - One of the most predominate tattoo's, especially for women, is the butterfly. It symbolizes life and the freedom that life offers. The more ornate and colorful it is, the more optimistic about life is it's owner. The size of the butterfly says something about personality. The bigger the butterfly, the more outgoing the owner's personality is. If this winged tattoo is on the part of the body that is mostly hidden, shyness is reflected. You are more likely to have many relationships before finding "the one". The energy you give off has people wanting to be around you, but it is hard for them to get close. You keep a fortress around you and will not let people know the real you. When you are ready you open the door for a chosen few, that door will remain open to them for life.

The Unicorn - a tattoo of this mystical creature says that the owner is spiritual and looks at life deeper than most people. You are not quick to judge. You do not take things for face value only. When in the market to date, you ignore physical appearance and look inward at a person. You do better in life when you listen to your "gut feelings". Experiencing life in the many dimensions that you do can be exhausting. But you understand that it is necessary to do so. You don't care if you have a bad hair day, and it just adds a kind of cuteness to you when you do. Most of you with a tattoo of a unicorn have it somewhere on your body that is not always visible. This is because is something personal to you and you do not need to show it off. The size of the tattoo of the unicorn is just the opposite of what you would think- the smaller, the more content with yourself you are.

A Celtic cross - emblem,or design - a Celtic figure denotes spiritual energy. The energy from your soul that connects you with things of the past. The past is important to you and the energy you have collected from the past makes you stronger in dealing with life today. You sometimes know when the phone rings who is on the other end before it is answered. (This is without looking at caller ID). You think of someone you haven't seen in a while and they materialize in person or via a phone call. You have an unusual connection with those who have passed on, their energy is still present to you Your first instincts about a person are dead on when you meet them. The size of this tattoo is usually small, and it is usually placed where it can be easily be viewed. It is used as an attraction, a sign of your energy that welcomes contact from anyone with similar energies and beliefs. You are someone who connects with a partner for life, even if there is a divorce and separate residences occur. Your kindred spirits remain connected.

Lower back tattoo - the tattoo along the lower back, also referred to as a "tramp stamp", (I do not like this label) is worn more as an accessory to today's styles. The short shirts and low cut pants leave a visible area to dress up. What this says about the owner is that they are very style conscience. You want to do what everyone else is doing and not be left behind. Individuality is not something you cherish and would rather fit in with the crowd. This person will drive all the newest cars and buy the newest toys through out their life. Friendships will come and go, as will their love interests. You are more likely to be labeled a "cougar" later in life, than others. (You know, young man, older woman routine). You will have fun and people will love to be around you. You are the type that might marry a movie star or at least some kind of public figure.

A cartoon character - a tattoo such as Betty Boop, Mickey Mouse, Sponge Bob, etc... With out sounding to cliche' you are embracing your inner child, really. You enjoy the feelings of being a kid and are having a hard time letting it go. You are more dependent on a mate than most people, but that's OK, because you seem to find people that need to be needed and you will fit that bill. Your feelings get hurt very easily and because of this you are careful not to hurt others. You get taken advantage of easily because you place a lot of trust in people. The tattoo itself is usually placed somewhere it can be seen when you want it to be seen. It is a way of relaying you are ready to bring out your playful side. You have many acquaintances but only a few real true friends. Your sense of humor draws people to you and your company is enjoyed immensely.

A rose - This denotes a deepness in your thoughts. You are a very serious person. You hold your friendships and family members close to your heart. In an odd kind of way you enjoy a melancholy day now and then. You like to be by yourself with your own thoughts. You will mate for life and cherish your partner. People come to you for advise often and you have been able to help many in their decisions. You are the voice of reason among your circle of friends. People are drawn to you for the peaceful demeanor you carry about you. The closer the rose is to your heart on your body, the deeper your thoughts are about life. You love a good cry, it tends to cleanse your soul from time to time.

Upper Arm and Ankle bracelets - such as the rings of thorns. You like completeness in your life. You are not content with projects left undone or words left unsaid. You cannot ignore a loved one or walk away mad from a fight. You need to resolve a disagreement or you unable to concentrate on anything else. You make a slew of lists and if things on that list are left undone it causes you angst. Your mate will be someone who is the complete opposite. There is only room for one of you in this relationship. You have a need to be taken care of, but equally so you have a need to take care of your mate. It is a 50/50 partnership, which is very rare. People can count on you and you get very upset when someone lets you down. You are an early riser and do most of your productivity before noon. The afternoon and evening hours are yours to relax and you make sure of it. You are funny and you know it. You take center stage in a gathering and not many parties leave you uninvited. People love to be around you.

Indian artifacts - tattoos such as feathers, an Indian, head dress, etc... You believe in roots. You are very aware where you come from and you know where you are going. You have a flair for the unusual. Your decorating schemes are something people might describe as flamboyant. You sometimes get carried away with your deep thoughts by shutting out everything else. You leave alot of things to fate and you do not over think outcomes. "What will be will be", could be your motto. It takes a lot for you to get mad, you really need to be pushed. You understand peoples short comings more than others because you have an uncanny way of putting yourself in their place and understanding where they are coming from. You tend to be somewhat mysterious, intriguing many who want to get to know you. You travel light and cannot stay in one place for very long. Your mate will be equally mysterious as you are and that's what draws you to them.

Birds of any kind- a tattoo of a bird conveys the want for more freedom. You are feeling closed in and stifled. You will seek a mate that is full of life and unpredictable in hopes of learning the ropes from them. Your inner beauty is noticed by many. When you were a kid, your friends parents held you up as an example. You do not like to rock the boat and go along with other peoples ideas, more so than your own. You take pride in your appearance and you are often told that you are beautiful. You choose your words wisely and people find you interesting. You are apt to be a great novel writer or create some kind of great art. You love to learn new things. You tolerate people that others find obnoxious to be around. People look to you for leadership, and that scares you. You are very capable of achieving any endeavor that is set before you, but you tend to lose interest quickly and move on to something else.

Animals of prey- lion and tigers and bears- oh my! A tattoo of any type of animal of prey says that you stand up for yourself and it is not easy to get one over on you. You battle against life's unfairness and stand up for the little guy. You treat your mate like gold and more than likely they will be a bit hard to handle. You see your self as the protector and you do this well. You make sure all your love ones have what they need. You are very often the main breadwinner in the household. You protest for the underdog . If there is a cause you believe in you will put your heart and soul into it. You make others feel safe, I don't mean bodily safe, just safe from sadness and the injustice in the world. You are the type to buy a pan handler a hamburger instead of giving them money. You feel it is your obligation in this world to take care of things.

The snake- This tattoo denotes someone who is full of surprises, such as eloping to get married without telling a soul. You are someone who might change your appearance drastically from time to time. Being Blondie one week and brunette the next. Others have a hard time keeping track of you. You are someone who will try many different jobs in life. You will have stages in your life such as being conservative through one period and then changing to an all out risk taker in another. Fear has never been in your vocabulary. Your mate will stay with you for life because you give them different sides of you often. It is like being with a different person frequently. You are so interesting and amazing to be around. You are a party crasher, but the kind people are thrilled to have come unannounced. You have many followers through life and people will remember your name. You really enjoy yourself and people love that about you. You will enjoy all that life has to offer, even when the offerings are not so good.

Flowers- what a tattoo of a flower or flowers of any kind say about you is that you enjoy beauty. You also enjoy the act of beautifying things. Your home and surroundings reflect that. You can be moody, especially in the colder winter months, but you are always looking ahead to spring. You are not the type to find love at first sight. Your love will need to build over time. You might even find that someone that you think of as only a friend was your perfect mate in disguise. If the flowers are some where that doesn't get too much exposure on your body, you are the type to sit back and survey things before jumping in. You have patients and can do things that don't present with instant gratification. You understand that things need time to grow. You enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them. You like to make people feel appreciated and you will thank everyone from the convenience store clerk to the telephone information operator through out the course of a day. You have a knack for making people feel good about themselves and this brings you great pleasure.

A tattoo is a form of expression for it's owner. It is something that lets your personal feelings be seen by the outside world, a form of communication. Before getting a tattoo, stop and think what this tattoo is going to say about you

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